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Mutton Gravy South Indian Style

February 22, 2013
mutton gravy south indian style

Apologies🙂  I am not a gourmet cook and i am not cooking a fancy dinner; doing this only for my family.  so not taken care to choose good utensils either🙂  plus pictures might not be good enough; more than anything, as i am a vegetarian from birth who has never tasted meat in life, cooking non-vegetarian dish for my family brings me absolute delight.

Note:  Curry Powder is essentially red – chili powder and coriander seeds powder mixed in the ration 1 : 1.  But most stores sell red chili powder alone in the name of ‘curry powder.’  In which case, please add coriander seeds powder 1 tsp.

Home-made curry powder:  I make curry powder at home.  This is the formula:  red chili – 250 gms,  coriander seeds or dhania – 250 gms, a tsp of raw rice, a tbsp of black pepper, a tbsp of tuar dal or lentils, a tbsp of mustard seeds, a tbsp of cumin seeds.    I mix all these things and dry under hot sun for a day or two.  Later dry grind it in mixer or in a shop (such shops are commonplace in India).  Easiest ofcourse is to buy the curry powder off the store shelf.  In that case, one has to take care to get red chili or curry powder plus coriander seeds powder separately for use.


Mutton – 300 gm; potato – 100 gms  (optional), tomato – half, onion 2-3 big size, ginger-garlic flakes 4 or 5, green chili optional, curry powder (red chili-dhania powder) 3 tsps, a pinch of turmeric powder,glack  pepper powder for sprinkling, salt, water, oil for sauteing, mustard and cumin seeds each half a teaspoon for sauteing,  curry leaves and coriander for garnishing

tomato onion ginger garlic

tomato onion ginger garlic

grinding the spices

grinding the spices

ground spices

ground spices

mutton 300 gms

mutton 300 gms

grated onion, potato

grated onion, cubed potato

red-chili dhania powder, turmeric powder, salt

red chili dhania powder, turmeric powder, salt

mustard, cumin seeds for sauteing

mustard cumin seeds for sauteing

shallow fyin g the onions to brown

shallow frying the onions to brown in a tbsp of oil

tomato, ginger garlic paste added

tomato ginger garlic paste added

rec chili dhania powder, salt, turmeric powder added

red chili dhania powder, salt, turmeric powder added

mutton added

mutton chunks added

after pressure cooking - sprinkling of pepper powder

sprinkling of black pepper powder after the pressure cooking of mutton

mutton gravy thickening to desired consistency

mutton gravy thickening to desired consistency

piping hot mutton gravy ready for serving

piping hot mutton gravy ready for serving

mutton gravy south indian style

Mutton Gravy South Indian Style


Grate the onion.   Cube the potatoes.  Blend the ginger-garlic with half a tomato.  Take oil in a pressure pan and heat it.  Add mustard cumin seeds to the oil and wait for spluttering.  Add grated onion and curry leaves and shallow fry stirring now and then to brown.  Add the ground paste and stir fry for a few more minutes.  Add the red chili-dhania powder, turmeric powder and salt.  Wash the mutton thoroughly and add it to the pan.  Stir fry everything for 2-3 minutes and after everything is properly mixed, add 1-2 cups of water.  Close the lid of the pressure pan and cook for 1-2 whistles until the mutton is done – but not too soft.   Turn off the flame and wait for sometime before the weight of the cooker can be released on pressure easing.  If the gravy is watery, thicken the same on low flame to desired consistency,  Sprinkle pepper powder to pep up the aroma. Turn off the stove.  Garnish with freshly cut and washed coriander leaves.  Now we have mutton gravy south indian style ready for serving.  This dish serves 2-3 people.  Is a good subzi for both rice and rotis.

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