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Homegrown Black Pepper and Drumstick

April 19, 2013

Since i live in a city, i have least scope for growing potted vegetable, greens or spices so don’t even dream of the luxury of  a small green patch in the backyard called ‘the kitchen garden.’

My friends in Kerala grow black peppers, cloves, betel nuts, most vegetables, coconut, banana, jack fruit trees etc at home.  One gave me a jar of homegrown black peppers from her vegetable garden in the backyard picked and sundried only days earlier  – hmmmmmmm what an aroma!  And how farm fresh!   From curry leaves to mint to coriander, basil, etc they use everything grown at home without use of fertilizers or pesticides.   Don’t want to use the commercial term ‘organic.’  We use a pinch of turmeric in all food we cook at home – thinking of indian food withour turmeric is impossible.  In my friends’ homes, even the turmeric is homegrown and dried at home.  They make cooking oil from coconut kernels that has such a sweet flavour and unimaginable freshness compared to packed coconut oil.   Kerala cooking is mostly done using coconut oil only which fat is deemed ‘good fat.’  I love their cuisine especially for the generous usage of coconut oil in cooking the traditional recipes.

Black pepper is surprisingly a creeper that twines over teak or such taller trees.  In coffee plantations, they are seen entwined over oaks etc so that in a single plantation in Karnataka, you can see not only coffee, but also black peppers, cloves, cardamoms, vanilla and other such spices all growing under the shade of towering trees which is also essential for coffee to grow in Indian heat conditions.

Another friend from a village near Chennai gave me tastiest ‘drum sticks’ you can find on earth – homegrown in trees to a good size.  Since i am a vegetarian from birth, i learned only in my twenties that ‘drumstick’ is a term used to describe chicken legs/thighs normally!


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