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Curd Rice (Dahi Bath) (bahala bath/thayir saadham)

May 17, 2013

Plain Curd Rice!   (Yoghurt Rice – a special preparation)

Best summer brunch, lunch and dinner 🙂  South Indian Signature Dish 🙂 (main course rice dish – can be had with a side dish/subzi or just even a packet of chips or a little pickle)


Raw Rice – 2.5 cups

Milk – 2 cup

Curds/plain yoghurt – 2-3 tbsp

Salt to taste

Cucumber peeled and grated fine – 1

Carrot peeled and grated fine -1

Green grapes a handful (optional)

Green chili -2-4 grated very fine

Ginger – a small slice grated fine

Curry leaves for garnishing

Coriander for garnishing

Cashew nuts broken – 1 tbsp

For sauteing:  mustard seeds, broken urad dal, broken channa dal (bengal gram) each 1/2 tsp

Hing/Asafoetida powder (perunkaayam in tamil) – for sprinkling

Oil – 2 tsp for sauteing


Take 2 and a half cups of raw rice and wash thoroughly and soak for about 30 minutes.  Drain the water and pressure cook to soft adding 6 cups of water.  (rice : water ratio is 1 : 2.  we are adding additional water so that rice can easily be mashed smooth for this preparation).

Keep aside for cooling,  adding salt.

Take 2 cups of boiled milk and 2 or 3 or 4 tbsps of curds or dahi or plain unsalted yoghurt.

Add the milk first to the cooked and cooled rice and mash smooth and creamy.  Add the curds next.  Mix well so the salting is even.  This is the basic curd rice or yoghurt rice.

Take a frypan and heat a tsp of oil.  When the oil is heated, add mustard seeds, urad dal and channa dal and cashew nuts and saute to golden brown.  Then add curry leaves, grated ginger, grated green chilis  and a pinch of powdered hing/asafoetida to this.  Add the sauteed ingredients to the basic curd rice and stir well.

Add the grated cucumber and carrot and mix thoroughly again.

Add more curds if needed.  Ensure that the rice is smooth and creamy. Add the extra milk and curds after the rice cools completely as the rice will absorb maximum milk and curds when it is still hot.

Garnish the curd rice wish freshly cut and washed coriander leaves.

Mix thoroughly once again.

Now the Curd Rice (Dahi Chawal in hindi) (Bahala bath or thayir saadam in tamil) is ready to serve.   SERVE IMMEDIATELY OR ELSE THE CURDS WILL FERMENT MORE  AND SOUR THE RICE.    Or refrigerate until dinner time and take out of the fridge one hour before serving.   For a loose consistency add more of curds.  But if you want a thick consistency, curds can be limited in usage.  As more time lapses between preparation and serving, the rice will absorb more of milk and curds.

This is the standard south Indian rice dish for all summers/all seasons actually.  No south Indian meal is complete without the mandatory dahi chawal/bath.  This is a main course rice dish.  Can be had just plain but we usually have it with salted and hot mango pickle (aavakkai).   Hot potato curry (aloo curry) is another subzi/side dish that goes great with this rice.  Children will love it with a packet of potato chips.

Variations;  avoid milk and add curds/yoghurt only if you want the rice sourer.

Milk alters the souring.

For long trips especially in trains, i remember my family packing this rice in stainless steel tiffin boxes.  We used to add maximum milk for travels and only a dash of curds and the curds will start fermenting sooner.  By the time we would open the tiffin boxes for eating, the curd rice will be done nicely with optimal souring.  Best casserole to take for picnics.  Very light and non greasy on stomach, easy to digest, full of carbos.  The cucumber and carrots help keep cool. 

This quantum of curd rice (loose) serves upto 4 people.


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  1. that sounds very delicious! you should also try having a look at tilda basmati ‘s webbsite, think you’d like it!

  2. Sure thank you!

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