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Mangaa Vella Pachchadi (Raw Mango-Jaggery Pachchadi) (Kacha Aam-gur subzi)

May 26, 2013

Mango Season!

Summer time is here, and so are the mangoes, raw and ripe.  Giving here the recipe for hot, sweet and tangy Aam-gur subzi (mangaa pachchadi in tamil) – the mango jaggery curry.  Can be served as a subzi/side dish for any roti/bread, also goes well with any rice variety.


Mangoes – 4

Garlic – 1/2 flakes optional

Curry leaves, optional

Madras Curry/Sambhar powder – 3 tsp (or red chili powder 3 tsp + coriander (dhania) seeds powder – 3 tsp)

Jaggery (gur) (vellam in tamil) – 100 gms


For garnishing:  1 tsp mustard seeds

Oil – 2 tsp



Wash the mangoes and skin them.  Dice the mangoes fine and keep aside.  Add 2-3 grated garlic flakes and  curry leaves (optional).  Break jaggery to small pieces (or fine if you get jaggery in powdered form).

Take a thick bottomed pan and heat it and add a tsp of cooking oil.  When the oil is hot, add 1/2 tsp of mustard seeds and wait for it to splutter.  Add the diced mangoes to the pan now and saute for a few minutes.  Add the curry powder and salt and saute for a few more minutes.  Add a little water and keep stirring on low flame for a few more minutes.  Add the jaggery and keep stirring.  The jaggery will start melting and caramelizing forming a rich, thick brownish gravy that almost looks chocolaty 🙂

Wait until you get the required consistency.  Keep stirring all the while as otherwise, the jaggery will start sticking to the sides.  Do not wait for too long as otherwise the mango-jaggery gravy will get too lumpy.

Remove from the stove.  Now we have tangy hot and sweet raw mango-jaggery pachchadi, a traditional south Indian mango dish ready for serving.


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  1. I love this pachadi…..

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