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Trial by Media: Unfair, UNJUSTIFIABLE reporting of IPL spot fixing and betting by Indian media

May 30, 2013


Neither surprised nor shocked by spot fixing and betting scandals rocking the (recently concluded) sixth edition of India’s most successful and popular IPL.   One must be surprised only if there is NO BETTING in the organization and set-up of such a spectacular, mammoth, mega event whose turnover and proceeds might exceed the combined GDP of some petty nations around us.   To that extent, IPL is huge, huge in this cricket-crazy nation, just like our own India.  So who are we kidding?

From the moment Sreesanth was booked for spot fixing, Indian media seems to be obsessed with only one agenda:  TARNISHING IPL AND INDIA’S SPORTING IMAGE.  Because i am from Chennai and i am a fan of CSK (Chennai Super Kings) whose owner Gurunath Meiyappan is very much in the eye of the storm, i risk getting mistaken for being prejudiced on the issue.  To make matters worse for us, the current BCCI Chairman Mr. Srinivasan is from Chennai.  As I blog, the media hysteria is going on for removal of Mr. Srinivasan from the coveted chair.  Never mind that Mr. Srinivasan has the board numbers in his favour: 17 out of total 31 votes.

But why must Mr. Srinivasan step down.  After all, even before he became the chairman, he must have been in the BCCI board.  So when his son-in-law G Meiyappan became the owner of CSK,  that must have been in conflict of interests already.   Our investigative national journalists had no clues? Chairman and MD of India Cements, it couldn’t have been any easier for this top notch man to get to where he is today.   He must have reached here, out of sheer will and hardwork, not by any short-cut.   Its amazing, the way he is taking on the entire media single-handed.  Mr. Srini (as fondly dubbed by ‘Times Now’ ) alleged on the first day, it was unfair that the media must try him.  I agree with him one hundred and ten percent.  Mr. Srinivasan has the advantage of benefit of doubt and its possible that he remained unaware of betting activities of his low profile but influential son-in-law.  India Cements are the owners of CSK as can be evidenced by the logo printed on the team’s tee-shirts worn by the players.  Mr. Meiyappan might in all probability have been a honorary member who represented them, no more.    Or atleast, Mr. Meiyappan is innocent until proven guilty.  Finally what did the Mumbai police recover from his Chennai home?  Envelopes, cards, t-shirts printed with CSK logo ?!

Is IPL spot fixing and betting the only scam rocking India by any means.  Why is that the other high profile son-in-law of India, Robert Vadra, Priyanka Gandhi’s husband, not investigated thoroughly by the media.  Why are our news channels like NDTV, Times Now, Headlines Today and CNN-IBN remaining conspicuously silent when it comes to reporting on India’s powerful families.  What happened to our citizen journalists?  ‘One man against One billion’ shrieks ‘Times Now.’  May I ask Arnab Goswami to spare a minute on Robert Vadra, please?  Why not take him up heads on in Prime Time 9’0 clock evening news?

Where is Barkha Dutt, the self-important national journalist of India?

Here is the truth about ownership of Indian Media:

Twenty Seven men including some politicians (congressmen) and policemen were killed by naxalites  in Chattisgarh but IPL seemed to be more of national importance to our media.  And if not for those one or two congress babus killed in the attack, there is a good chance that the recent horrors of red terror were never reported in our media.  All the time our home minister Shinde is holidaying in the US and has not even offered to return to India when India is burning.

The whole of IPL spot fixing and betting being blown out of proportions by our media shows our media intention and agenda.  Any reason other than wanting to divert the public attention from the spate of scams rocking the present ruling party?

The duo who committed a fraud of over Rs.1,700 crore – Kanimozhi and Raja are out on bail.  But peanuts like Sreesanth and Meiyappan are handcuffed and shamed relentlessly.  This is India, and this is our media circus.

Why should Srinivasan resign when our PM Manmohan Singh has not tendered his resignation, Mr. Arnab Goswami?

Finally, i would rather trust the unbiased, neutral internet news over Indian media news.  I do read ‘Times of India’ internet edition but can rate it as nothing more than ‘yellow journalism.’      I have more respect for even Pakistan’s ‘Dawn’ over Indian media.   This is NOT the way it must be, we have got it all wrong…

Switch on the tv during weekends:  our four desi English News channels are full of nothing but this s**t called ‘Bollywood.’   This is the garbage called ‘Indian media.’


‘Smart Dhoni’

Looks like Indian skipper M S Dhoni is gagged by BCCI so keeps mum when addressing the media, good for him.  After all, Dhoni kept his marriage a private affair and media out, what a tight slap to our media?  The 29 year old Indian Cricket Captain is more than a team leader.  What a maturity.  Cool captain like none other.  Again after handling someone like Tendulkar in the team, Dhoni must be a wizened up man.  Proud to have him leading CSK.  Chennai Super Kings ku periya whistle podu !!!


PS: No sympathy for criminal offenders, i only want a fair trial for the accused in the court of law.  Sick of this trial by media.  Lets believe in the best of everyone, everything:  INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.


PS:  Looks like there are some like-minded fellas, for someone posted this link in Facebook:


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