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Nile Perch Fillet Fry

June 20, 2013

In Qatar, we get a unique opportunity to try international cuisine that we never get to in India.  Many are also authentic recipes and not altered to suit our desi Indian palate as it happens with multi-cuisine restaurants in India.

My  husband and son are great sea-food lovers.  For them this week i got the ‘Nile Perch Fillet’ that i fried the desi way.  Since we did not even know how the fish looked, we googled it and were astonished to find that this is one of the biggest fish on earth!

As told by an Egyptian:  Nile Perch is not from Egypt but is fresh water fish from the lakes of Uganda, Nigeria.


Nile Perch Fillet – 2

curry powder – 1.5 tsp/2 depending on how hot you want it

turmeric powder – a pinch

salt to taste

ginger-garlic paste -1/2 tsp (optional)

oil for deep -frying


Throughly rinse the fish in water.  This is a fresh water fish.

Mix the spices together in a bowl and add a tsp of water to make it a smooth paste.  Turn the fillets in this mixture both sides and marinate for upto 30 minutes minimum.

Deep fry  in oil to golden brown on both sides and place on a plate. Wipe off excess oil with a tissue paper.  Now the hot and spicy Nile Perch Fillets are ready to serve, cooked the Indian way.


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