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Barbecued Shankara Fish/Sultan Basi

August 27, 2013

My hubby is a barbecue specialist and not me.  This is his making entirely.  Fresh ‘sultan basi’ (in arabic) or ‘shankara’ (in tamil) fish is his No.1 favourite whether its in India or in Qatar.  The great sea-food lover that he is, he does it here the desi way – so what we have cooking in the tray is Indo-western fusion somewhat 🙂


Sultan Basi/Shankara fish

1.5 tsp of Madras curry powder (for a single fish of medium to big size as show in the picture)

(Madras curry powder is a mix of red chili powder and dhania/fenugreek powder in equal proportions)


Turmeric powder a pinch

Black pepper powder a pinch

1 tsp of thick curd/fresh plain yoghurt

ginger-garlic paste a dash (optional)

2-3 tsps of olive oil



Cut and cleanse the fish thoroughly and rinse it.   Mix all the spice ingredients together in a bowl and marinate the fish in it for atleast 30 minutes.  Apply olive oil in the barbecue tray (we use a LPG cooking range and so the timing pertains to LPG stoves) and place the fish carefully sprinkling it with a little more oil.

Barbecue it for 8 minutes on medium flame taking care to see its not burnt.

Turn over and cook the other side the another 7-8 minutes until the fish appears crisp and golden brown.

Take out the tray and let it cool for atleast 10-15 minutes.

What we have here is barbecued sultan basi/shankara fish ready to serve done the healthiest way sea-food can be.



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