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Health & Beauty: Latest Botox Treatment & Trend in India

August 27, 2013

I rarely step into a beauty salon like perhaps for not more than once an year and largely remain ignorant on beauty front, may be because its is not my area of interest or asset.

But whatever goes on in beauty world concerning health draws my attention always.

Isn’t it an irony that in the same India where gang-rape and other brutal crimes are committed against weak women, we also have women opting for vaginal botox treatment?

I was wondering whether to include this topic in my blog or not for a while.  Then i thought why not, what the heck, i am a mother and a wife and i am in my mid 40s and i am not telling anyone anything that they might not be knowing already!  Guess with this post, i am crossing an invisible boundary and stepping into an amateur literary world of daring writing!  Big deal for a conservative middle-class housewife!

Anyway here’s the link:

I can see adverse comments posted by men on the article but if you are a middle-aged woman who wants to spice up your life for as many years as possible, i don’t think you will be shy when it comes to gaining some awareness in the subject to begin with.  The option of going for the treatment is the next step.  I have friends in my age group who already suffer from mild urinary incontinence and who would like to have an interesting middle-age after the impending and inevitable menopause.  Why men must feel so righteous when it comes to personal grooming choices of women bellies me.  After all this is not a treatment that we can strut and preen about in front of others.  This is purely a personal choice, a private option.

Indian men, grow up!  Its a woman’s privilege and prerogative entirely how she wants to live her life.  And if its her money that she wants to splurge on self-pampering who are you to rue?  Its strange that there is not a single broadminded comment from our men who don’t hesitate to call women ‘sluts’ for what they wish to do with their lives. Such a typical male Indian hypocrisy.

I have also known women who have gone for vaginal gynoplasty in their 50s.’  These women opted for the surgery on insistence of their husbands which goes on to show that there are nice Indian men too after all!   I can understand what a boon and a painless procedure vaginal botox could turn out to be for those who want a correction done.  If affordability is not an issue i guess there is nothing wrong with getting it done with a reputed cosmetic surgeon.  A woman’s view point.

If vaginal botox also could correct stress induced urinary incontinence. why should not women go for it?

And i am a ‘plain Jane’ woman who never stepped into a beauty salon until my 36th year except for my wedding reception. I don’t dye my hair or straighten my hair or do my hair anyway or wear make-up.  I have never owned a make-up kit in my life.  Not even a mascara except for a lipstick and eye pencil that last me for three years and a tube of moisturizer.  And i have not opted for botox so far for beauty reasons.   I still endorse vaginal botox for its merits and so would my equally conservative ‘plain Jane’ friends.


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