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Vada (Urad Dal Vada) (Black Gram Vada)

October 5, 2013

Posting one of simplest of recipes of our festive menu for a change.  No ‘pooja’ is complete without the ubiquitous and standard ‘vada’ for us.  A very trivial recipe so far as south Indians are concerned right.  But wanted to add this one to my blog.


Urad dal – 1 cup (ulundu in tamil and black gram in english)

Black pepper – 1 tsp


Salt to taste

Heart-healthy oil to deep-fry (preferably a blended one that will not vaporize easily like olive oil) (i use a corn and sunflower blend)


Wash and soak the urad dal (black gram) in water for atleast 3 hours.  Drain the water.

Blend to a smooth batter in a mixer-grinder adding the black pepper and salt and a dash of water.  The consistency must be like that of butter, well almost.  The thick batter must be consistent enough to make flattened rounds and not too loose, and at the same time not too stony.

Heat oil in a pan and wait for it to reach the vaporizing point.

In your hand make small rounds of vada making a hole in the centre so that the vada fries well in the inside.  To get smooth and non-sticky vadas, place in the sides a cup of water to touch and wet your hands intermittently before making out every single vada.  Or alternately use an aluminium or plastic foil to shape the vadas and transfer to the pan for deep-frying.  This has to be done delicately without letting oil splutter.  I cleanse my hands and use my hands to make out the vadas.  The moment one is made, transfer to the heated oil in the pan.  A batch of vadas can be deep-fried at the same time.  Turn the turtle and deep fry to golden brown on both sides.  Transfer the fried vadas to a plate/bowl lined with tissue paper to take out the excess oil.

Hot, hot urad dal vada is now ready to serve with coconut chutney or even tomato ketch-up.  The pulse content makes this vada most nutritious and power-packed.  The black pepper beats the gastric troubles arising out of gas formation.  High calorie food.  Good for children and urad dal (black gram/ulundu) is also good for bones in elderly women.  A yummy evening snack.

For Dahi Vada:  Soak the fried vadas in dahi/yoghurt (plain) salted lightly.  Garnish with cut coriander/celery and shredded carrots.

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