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Book Review: ‘Triple’ by Ken Follet

October 9, 2013

Action thriller almost like a movie, but unbelievable.

I have basically a soft spot for Israel and Jews as most Hindus do.  Many times I wish we are as strong a nation as this small,independent,bold and powerful Israel whose determined citizens are winning despite all odds, surrounded by fanatical Arab states, with their sheer cunning, intelligence, loyalty to their homeland and bravado.   I cannot identify with the Palestine cause whether it is just or not for the reason, India is witness to terror activities and massacres by indian muslims and Pakistanis for whom Palestine is a noble cause.  We are in middle-east to earn a living.  We Indians get nothing free in life.  We work hard, we get paid for that.  For those muslims who would like to argue that Indians/Hindus must quit middle-east, I would like to point out that in that case, muslims around the world must stop wearing jeans and stop working/living in the west or any other country outside Arabian peninsula.

Kudos to Nathaniel Dickstein, jew and Israeli, who is the hero of the book.  I have a feeling that the author could have drawn out the subject or certain details from something that happened in real life once upon a time, i don’t know why.

I wanted the jew to win and thanks Follet, for letting that happen.

My antipathy for muslims stems from the fact that i doubt their loyalty to their mother country always.  I don’t trust Indian muslims sorry.  Arabs are a totally different species. So far, India has done well with Arab nations and Indians/Hindus are respected and liked by Arabs to my knowledge. We respect them back in the same fold.  This respect and like are thus a mutual affair.  Same with Iran and Iraq, outside the Gulf region.  Both have traditional ties with Indians/Hindus and religion has not been a bone of contention between us ever.  It could even be said that India enjoys a better relationship with Arab nations/Iran/Iraq and such islamic nations over even what Paksitan could be sharing with these same countries.

Back to the book, I am not fond of Egyptians either lol and i detest Turks.  I wish the author had included the Turkish angle somehow and had punished Turks atleast theoritically hahaha.  All invaders and savages who ravaged India somehow or other originated from this middle-eastern loop in a way, and thus forever they are our traditional enemies.  Because this is wherefrom Islam reached even the buddhist Afghanistan once upon a time in world history.  So, in the middle-east, Egyptians and Turks are not our chums like they are with Pakistanis. As for India, the image is like, we are poor, dirty etc etc which we can live with.  I don’t mind being labelled thus because i know most of my country is poor and dirty quite truthfully and i am resigned to the fact.  This is still much much above and better than being labelled a ‘terrorist country’ and ‘untrustworthy pigs’ like the way Pakistanis are referred to even by fellow muslims/Arabs. Over and above our poverty and slums, we are still looked upon as an educated lot, hardworking lot, trouble-free lot, that’s the point.  I cannot dispel the image my country has earned around the world single-handedly in a moment like a magic, but i know my country is changing and more respected and liked than hated and distrusted like islamic nations are.  One day, we will become what we were until 19th century, but the practical me is okay with what the world thinks of us and how the world treats us in the present.  We aren’t bad even if we aren’t lofty.

Easy to get carried away always when I start philosophizing on such emotional/political issues!

During Mumbai massacre carried out by Pakistani terrorists (referred to as 26/11), an Israeli home/building was targeted by the terrorists and the inmates assassinated.  I didn’t know until then that jews visited India annually and some stayed over for months here trusting India to be a safe and neutral sanctuary.  India is supposedly the only country in the world where the Jews were not persecuted.  And I am extremely proud that we could do what we could to these bold, brave people.

I have been to jewish synagogue in Kochi when i visited the place years back.  Surprised to see so many Indian jews in Kerala.  Their number is dwindling but i hope they continue to live safe and happy in India.

Have read a lot about Kibbutz that one day i want to go and see it all by myself! What a community and what a life style.

And again I wish, we are as brave a nation as Israel is.  I don’t care about what is right and what is wrong.  Because i am a hindu and i don’t want to become a minority in my own nation outnumbered by muslims who are multiplying faster than rats and rabbits around the world, and especially in India.  For umpteenth time i wish we are a Hindu country and not a secular state as our constitution proclaims.  Gandhi is the greatest betrayer of our interests in our national history.  Gandhi and Nehru are traitors to most of us really and its Jinnah who carved out Pakistan away from us is like a hero for us!  Only if he had taken the rest of muslims with him!!

Pl let me not be mistaken again.  As i said, i have this trust deficit with muslims always.  India is a happy and good place to live in – but live here putting your loyalty first to your motherland.  ‘India first’ hails Narendra Modi, our PM candidate for BJP in 2014 elections, and I echo the same.  Muslims, India is as much yours as mine, but make India your first loyalty.

Another angle here:  An islamic bomb will never be in interest of a hindu majority India.  Already the mad mullahs in Pakistan are in very close proximity to the bombs in Pakistan.  So our moral support always will be for Israel, and never for islamic nations.

Kudos to the author for touching a raw nerve and handling it real well.  The story ended on a happy note. Follet has gotten away without antagonizing any racial or radical group or government i can see, clever man!

As for arab nations including Egypt and Syria and Turkey and Lebanon etc etc, first clean up your own backyard before taking an interest in Israel.  Does a single blade of grass grow in Palestine?  What will they eat for food?  Co-existing with jews is in the best interests of the Palestinians.  If I could I would request them not to go for outside support and instead trust the Israelis.  Trust deficit could be overcome with time.  Time is the best healer.  There are 29 states and 6 union territories in Indian union.  If all of us would want to break away, what will be our tomorrow?  In India, each state has it own lingo and native culture and even race.  There is a good reason why we can all split up into a dozen pieces or more.  So dear Palestinians, whether just or not, I can never support your cause.  Make good what you have, and trust Israeli jews over misguiding Arabs.  Don’t let others play with your sentiments or future.  Be practical, yes, be practical.  Think in long  term, think what is best for your future, and what will do you best in the long run.  A future with the most intelligent race on earth the jews, will be much more rewarding than with Arab comrades who are good for nothing (lol). Be winners, don’t let arabs or whoever manipulate you or use you as scapegoats.  Well that’s how i feel.  There is a lot of good things about jews/israelis.  Making peace with them is in the best interests of Palestinians always.  Learn to love, learn to give.  Think ahead, think what will happen when one day in the world the last drop of oil in the persian gulf dries up…  Israel is your best bet.  Peace, Peace forever! Medical pills are always bitter and stinging, but don’t we swallow them for a better life?

Anyway, who cares for my opinion lol.  To hell with ideals and philosophies! See Pakistan, another ideal creation. Even after seeing them you cannot change, what can i have to say?!

Or are you all Palestinians as smart as Singaporeans or Taiwanese?! Can you make Palestine another Singapore or Taiwan or Hongkong?!  Just who are you kidding!  Really, I wish India learns a lot from Israel – from self-defence to their education system to self-sufficiency in all fronts.  Israel, you are an enviable nation, a role model for the entire world!  Salute you!


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