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Vegetable Oothappam (pancake in rice-pulse batter with added vegetables) (salted)

October 15, 2013


Left-over Idli/Dosa batter (or over-fermented/sour batter)

(in the absence of idli/dosa batter, take rice flour and make a smooth batter with water.   add salt and add a tbsp of plain yoghurt.  leave it aside for 5 hours minimum for fermentation.  for sour taste, leave the batter for fermentation overnight.)

Tomatoes – 2-3 (depending on the amount of batter)

Onion – 1 or 2

Green chili -2 or 3

Carrot – 1

Curry leaves and coriander leaves

Cooking Soda – 1/2 tsp (optional)



Grate the onion and tomatoes and grate very finely the green chili.  Shred the carrot.  Wash and cut the coriander and curry leaves very fine.  Add everything to the left-over dosa/idli batter or over-fermented idli-dosa batter.  Adding the cooking soda is optional.  Adding it will give the oothappam a better and fluffy body but i prefer to avoid the soda.

Mix smooth the batter and let it stand for 5 minutes.   The basic oothappam batter is ready.  Add a little salf (optional).  Add any other vegetable of your choice like capsicum for instance.  Heat a shallow pan (dosa pan – i have a wrought-iron tawa that i prefer to use over non-stick pans).   Rub a tsp of oil on the surface of the pan thoroughly.  For rubbing, i use a cut onion instead of tissue paper or sponge so the onion flavour adheres to the oothappam. Take a tablespoon of the oothappam batter and spread it like shown in the picture the way a pancake might be done over the pan.   Sprinkle 1/2 tsp on oil around the oothappam.  Wait for one side to cook to golden brown and turn it over only when it comes out freely.  Cook the other side.  When done, take it off the pan.  Before using the pan/tawa again for the next oothappam, remember to rub the pan evenly again with a tsp of oil and the cut onion.  Repeat the process for any number of oothappams.

Now the vegetable oothappam is ready to serve.  Best served with coconut chutney or Idli-podi (a mixture of red chili-dhania and lentil powder).  But any salted pickle also goes well with Oothappam so as also any veg or non-veg gravy.

Vegetable oothappam is a sumptuous yet at the same time light morning breakfast or even supper.  Very easily digestible and tasty.  Nutritious when vegetables are packed in it.  Easy to make at home.   For those who do not have idli/dosa batter at home, this is readily available in packets in all Indian grocery shops in all major cities and towns of the world!  This batter can be refrigerated for idli/dosa use but leaving it without refrigeration will quicken the fermentation process.

As the batter is anyway a fermented batter, it is full of beneficial bacteria which is good for digestion.  That is why, even if oothappam seems sumptuous when we consume it, we feel lighter immediately – in matter of 15-20 minutes again.


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