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Vangi Bhath (Baingan Baath) (Spicy Eggplant/Brinjal Curry Rice)

November 12, 2013


Rice – 2.5 cups

Brinjal/Egg Plant – 300 gms  (take an eclectic mix of both green, white and purple brinjals for a change!)

Onion – 1 big size

Tomato – 1 big size


Cashew nuts – broken – a fistful

Curry leaves

Coriander leaves

Madras Curry powder 4 tsp (or a mix of red chili powder – 4 tsp and coriander seeds/dhania powder – 4 tsp) (or madras sambhar powder – 4 tsp)

Cloves/Lavang powder – 1 tsp

Black pepper powder – 1 tsp

Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp

Salt to taste



Ghee/clarified butter – for garnishing – optional

Optional:  A tsp of tamarind juice and 2-3 tsp of jaggery (ghur) water.    soak a small ball of tamarind in warm water for 30 min and squeeze out the extract for tamarind juice.  for jaggery water, add some ghur to boiling water and dissolve it and when it gets to caramel consistency switch off the flame and strain.   2-3 tsps must be sufficient.  This is Karnataka style.  But as my family does not relish jaggery taste in food that gives the dish a curious twinge of sweetness, i dropped it from today’s recipe.   Instead of tamarind juice, i decided to add one more tomato.

For tempering: mustard seeds 1 tsp and bengal gram/channa dal – 2 tsps and urad dal – 1 tsp


Wash and soak rice for 30 min.  Strain and add water in the proportion rice: water = 1: 1.75.  Add salt and cook.  Keep aside.

Chop the onion and tomato and slit the garlic very fine.  Chop the eggplant/brinjal into small 1×1 cubes and keep immersed in water until the time of cooking to avoid discolouration due to oxidation.

Heat a karai/wok and add 2 tsbps of oil.  Heat it and when it starts vaporizing, add mustard seeds, the bengal gram and urad dal one by one and wait for the mustard seeds to splutter and the pulses to turn golden brown.   The broken cashewnuts can be added the same time.   Add the chopped onion and stir-fry to golden brown.  Add the split green chilis and garlic and tomato next.  Keep stirring and add the cut brinjal/eggplant finally.  Stir over and add the madras curry powder first and then the cloves/lavang powder and the pepper powder and turmeric powder and salt.   Salt this Vangi bhath masala carefully keeping in mind that the rice we have cooked already is already salted.  Salt accordingly.  Mix thoroughly and keep stirring.  Close the pan closed with a lid for a few minutes and let the egg plant/brinjal get soft but not too squashy.  This may take 5-10 min.  (Sprinkle tamarind juice and jaggery water at this stage if you desire).  Add curry leaves and coriander leaves for garnishing.  Mix well and switch off.

Transfer the contents of this Vangi Bhath masala on top of the cooked rice.  Mix gently but thoroughly taking care that the rice is not broken in the process.  Add a tbsp of ghee/clarified butter now but this is optional.  (I did not for health reasons).

Now piping hot spicy Vangy Bhath or Eggplant/Brinjal Curry Rice is ready to serve.  This quantum serves about 4 people.

Serve with papads/fries/potato chips and raita or plain yoghurt.

Best winter food!


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  1. This is interesting! I’ve not cooked rice like that before, but given the texture I think it would be lovely, especially for my toddler x

    • Thank you but its a hot curry so better the curry powder use is limited for toddler. Otherwise for adults this is good, hot and spicy the way we want it in winters.

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