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Review: Due Date (Hollywood picture)

November 13, 2013

Switched on the tv in a very sour mood.  This picture was on MoviesOk HD channel.  For two days, it felt like a heavy weight was pressing down my heart.  The bad news about someone to whom i had no connection kept playing in the back of my mind non-stop.  Finally this hilarious film made me come out of my gloomy spell and smile, and even laugh from frame to frame.

The flight scene reminds me of a real life incident.  My son was wearing a hooded black t-shirt with words ‘bombs away.’  I never gave it much thought until we were stopped in Dubai airport.  A security pointed to his t-short and looked at us warily.  Luckily we were travelling as a family and my husband said, it was just a clothing with funny words.  However the security did not find that funny as my son was at a very vulnerable age (18 years then) and pointed to the words and asked us to avoid such stuff in travel in future.  I am sure my son was let off lightly because he was travelling with his parents /us (adults).  Imagine the unnecessary hassle that he might have had to go through in case he had been travelling alone.  A big practical lesson for him.  And also for us.

So jokes apart, this is a very serious matter.  The flight scene is a tutorial for all of us on ‘do’s and dont’s’ during air travel.  Still the scene got me in splits really.  There started my laughing hysteria.

The coffee scene ofcourse is the best.

One line to describe the entire picture:  ‘He enjoyed coffee all his life and now finally he is enjoyed as coffee!!!’

So weir…..d, spoooooooooooooooooky but no words to print here how i almost ended up with a belly-ache after the laughing fit that seized me on this scene! Kudos to the dialogue/script writer!  Mixing sentiment on the spilled coffee in the next frame seemed to soften the spooky effect somewhat.

The hero ‘Peter’ (played by Robert Downey Jur) (who my son tells me is the ‘Iron Man’) is patience personified, after all he did not get worked up to the point of murdering Ethan Trembly, the incorrigible character!

Hollywood is hollywood!  What a script to conceive and write and actually get someone to fit into the role…  The Ethan character seems to have been tailor made for the actor who i believe is Zach Galifianakis (knowledge courtesy:  wikipedia).  What a stupendous acting.  He virtually lived the role and looked it one hundred percent.  I have known many clumsy people in my life and i am clumsy myself somewhat at times lol but now i feel great, thanks to Ethan!  None can beat him in the race, tell ya!

Parts of the picture like the Mexico border scene and the accident scene are unbelievable but even in Hollywood sometimes, you have to forget the logic.  Anyway, all is well that ends well.

Thanks Zach and Robert for ‘making my day’!  We use the ‘cliched’ phrase day in and day out without meaning it most of the times, but yesterday i really needed something like a drug  to break the jinx i was in.  The picture brought me out finally.

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