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Arindhum Ariyaamalum – Tamil film review

November 23, 2013

Arindhum Ariyaamalum – knowing and unknowing ….  (or aware and unaware).  What a title.  What a picture.

Writing this review almost ten years after the film release!  Remember watching it in our club with family.    This second time was in  tv.   Rare one with an original theme, an off-beat one.

Tamil pictures started disappointing me long back but this one was class.  The uneasy relationship between a rough and tough gangster father and his estranged son so sensitively captured in a neat script and camera.  The adopted son played by Arya is another well-sculpted character played to the hilt by the then-budding actor.

Fresh story, fresh faces except for Prakash Raj who knowingly or unknowingly over-acts in films.  He has managed to do that here but the other roles balance everything fine, especially the son character.

I believe this was a box-office hit, produced on a shoe-string budget so hats-off to director Vishnu Vardhan.

Permissible level of violence, good characterization, strong story line, raw emotions and crisp editing are huge plus points.  The minuses could be the unnecessary garage and beach songs, the film could have done without.  The flow of the film suffered with these unwelcome intrusions.

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