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That short, dark Madarasi!

February 22, 2014

Updated Nov 2, 2014:


That’s the way people refer to south Indians/Madarasis/Tamils mostly and I am used to this description now.  But wherever we are, people credit us with ‘fertile brains’  so I take it as biggest compliment one can hope for.  When we went for speed boating in backwaters of Doha once, we were talking to young Saudi guys (not in white arab robes but in regular plain jeans & t-shirts so we first assumed they were north Indians or Pakistanis), they asked us which part of India we were from.  We said ‘Madras’ as most still have not heard of name changing to Chennai.  The next thing they did was pointing to brains.  Said, ‘Madarasis, very intelligent, Saudis zero!’  They said they were teachers and we were pleasantly surprised both by their humility and the respect they had for Indians in general.  Especially south Indians.

Everytime my son goes alone for hair-cut in Doha, he being a teenager, many men including Arabs strike up a conversation with him.  Says he, always they tell him, being a Madarasi, he must be very brainy.

There are people who laugh at our clumsiness, (worst) sense of dressing, curry smell,  stinginess (which is world famous) etc etc.  But everything fades and gets forgotten with one compliment of being called ‘brainy and trouble-free.’

Whether engineers or doctors or technicians or nurses or teachers, we are the best preferred WORKFORCE and considered most talented and hardworking and disciplined and ofcourse, TROUBLE FREE.  Thank you, world community – you cannot make us more happier.

Indian visas get over the quickest.  All foreign companies want us as first choice. Well done fellow south Indians – that’s really something.

Therefore enjoyed this write-up very much.


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