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Film Review: Bad Teacher

March 13, 2014

Watching pictures at home in your tv necessarily means you miss the start and the ending.  I have been having this issue since long, and this film is no exception.

With mother and aunt having been teachers, I must say I still enjoyed the picture where Cameron Diaz plays ‘the bad teacher.’  Hahaha, seen none like that although we all sure should be having one or two glam teachers in our mind from our school days.  I remember someone from my school wearing a blouse with back buttons so tight and with a very low back neckline.  She taught chemistry but never taught my class.  We girls used to wonder loudly what a tough job her hubby could be having buttoning her up everyday, and what if the buttons burst!!!  But all said, she was a good teacher when it came to the teaching job.

I thought teachers had dress code.  When we were in school, most teachers had to pin up their hair into a ‘bun’ atop their head, giving them a severe look.  Things like that.  But no more i know.  Already i have blogged on teachers.  School scene is totally changed now.  Giving the link here:

In this I have dealt with some personal issues as well.

***************                                  ***************

I was scared the bad teacher would end up with that weakling played by Justin Timberlake although I did enjoy his song ‘simpatico, exotic, erotico, narcotico, allotico!”  Lovely, lovely verse!  Brief yet sweet 🙂

All through the picture, Diaz saw to that I never got irritated with her anytime and actually wanted her to win!  So that way she has made this picture wholly entertaining and super-success.

Unthinkable set of conditions in India, but I loved this light-hearted American romance-comedy very much.   Finally we got the point, that’s it.  And no way one can take offence with it all!  Therein lies the directorial touch.

Wonderful evening all alone in front of the tv for a housewife like me, thank you team!  No logic perhaps but entertaining!

I want to close this post with this one:  Sometimes it makes me wonder whether teachers are over-rated today.  Yeah, inspite of having had a mother for teacher.  Because, now media and internet are proving to be far more effective teachers to our children. Yes, these are virtual, not real, still…  Or it is like, boys and girls no more seem to think their teachers are super-heroes like we did in our generation.  Hardly any role model around, hardly any inspiration.  This is the case atleast in Chennai.  Makes me sad. As values get diminished and ‘adharma’ flourishes, these changes are bound to take place.  This is my take.

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