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Malaysia bungling up MH 370 investigation?

March 17, 2014

Thorough unprofessionalism by Malaysian establishment, system, government and armed forces like the airforce, army and navy (if at all they have one) have come to the fore with their bungling up of investigations to find out what happened to the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 from KL to Beijing on saturday, 7th of March, making Malaysia the laughing stock of the world. Looks like there is no competent expert or authority to deal with this kind of emergencies and crises through length and breadth of Malaysia. Thank God, they were spared of Tsunami! As native Malays with 40% high school score get into medical colleges and become surgeons and Chinese and Indians with 90% have to satisfy themselves with nursing courses, no wonder Malaysia fares poor when it comes to quality of human resources.  Typically the land of ‘Pensonic’ if you know what I mean.   Lesson for India here:  overdo the quotas, become the next Malaysia where brains have to rust and go to dust while ignorance becomes bliss.  Key areas have to be essentially filled up on merit.

As speculations do the rounds about the mystery flight, one feels it is better even if the plane would have only crashed into the seas instead of it being held captive in Taliban or Al Qaeda territory with sinister motives as reported in some sections of the media.   There is a Chennai-based lady among the five Indians in the plane.  I cannot imagine what harm they would come to if they get into wrong hands.  My deepest sympathies are with the kith and kin of the air passengers.  As someone who does a fair amount of flying over oceans, I can relate to their state of mind.   Never been scared of flying before… but from now on I guess, i will be thinking….

Wouldn’t be surprised if there is Pakistani hand in this as well…. after all they denied Mumbai 26/11, Osama Bin Laden and now are denying this….  And Air India flight in 1999 was also hijacked by Pakistani terrorists from Nepal in exchange for release of hard core terrorists imprisoned in India.  One of the released prisoners went on to murder Daniel Pearl later on in Pakistan and Maulana Masood Azhar, another hardcore terrorist is a respected Pakistani citizen who daily graces all Pak news tv channels.

With parliament elections around in India, I fear the worst in coming days.  God save India from *terrorists and nefarious elements.

Malaysia will do well scrutinizing visas for Pakistanis, Iranis and Saudis with whom they have been generous beyond any power of reasoning (for the only fact they are followers of the same faith).  Malays by nature are innocent folks but are an easily influenced lot in my opinion.  Its not tough to brainwash them completely and misguide them down the path of self-destruction.  Such signs were already surfacing in 2001 when we left Malaysia for good.  Dear Malays, do not expect freebies as a birth right, remember Malaysia is livable only because you have Chinese and Indians lending you stability and sanity.  Everytime you greet them with the cruel racial taunt ‘balik kampung’ you are digging deeper your own grave.  Look at islamic majority nations and the state of mess they are in.  Do not do this to yourselves.

Love Malaysia still with all my heart.  How vulnerable Malays are, I know.  Extremely weak, self-centered, selfish, lethargic, lazy that manipulating them and using them up for one’s benefit (read: by vested interests) is quite a strong possibility given the present difficult times.  The infamous lack of sense of commitment on the part of Malays is what I am thinking about.  Any nation (except the oil-rich Arabs who can afford such a luxury) that parties for one whole month in the name of Ramzan/Id/Hari Raya and sucks up the labour/work of minority communities is doomed.  I equate it to living off others’ literally.   This apart from freebie fridays for prayers round the year.  ‘Work is worship’ to rest of the world.

Hope Malaysia remains the paradise it has always been.  Don’t become the next Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Iraq please… AND WORK ! …. LIVING OFF OTHERS’ SWEAT IS HORRIBLE!  Through out our residence in Malaysia, it is this one single fact that never went down well with us.  Successive Malay governments are feeding on this kind of wrong ideology and hate philosphy for survival which could prove to be Malaysia’s undoing in the long run.

I am true well-wisher of Malaysia.  My Malaysian Indian friends’ ancestors were taken by British as (slave) labourers to work in equatorial rain forests some three centuries back.  Their great grandfathers died in rubber plantations to snake bites and Malaria just like the Chinese brought in from mainland China who worked in tin mines died of cancer and poisonous gases.  These people cannot trace today their exact roots in India or China they came from.   Its simply been too … long… Malaysia is all they have.  Malaysia is their home.  My heart goes out to the real architects of modern Malaysia  – Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indians….  Is Malaysia ‘truly Asia’ without them?

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