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Panneer-Mutter Pulao (Green Peas Cottage Cheese Rice in Coconut Milk)

March 31, 2014
panneer mutter pulao

One of our all-time favourites:




Panneer (cottage cheese) (cubed) – 300 gms

Fresh green peas (shelled) – 300 gms

Basmati Rice – 2.5 cups

Ginger – a dash

Garlic – 4-5 pods

Green Chili – 6-8

Cashew nuts – broken – a fistful

Coconut Milk (from a medium size coconut) (i don’t use packed coconut milk available off store shelves)

Olive oil – 1 tbsp

Onion – 1 big

For seasoning:  bay leaf -1, cinnamon stick – 1, saunf (fennel seeds)- 1 tsp, cloves (lavang) -2

For colouring:  Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp (optional)



1. Rinse the basmati rice thoroughly in running water and soak for about 30 minutes.  Drain and keep aside.

2. Split the green chilies, chop the onion and grate the ginger-garlic very fine.

3. Rinse and keep ready the shelled fresh sweet green peas (mutter in hindi) (pattani in tamil) and the diced panneer (cottage cheese) cubes.  (alternately frozen fresh green peas can be used.  again i have never done that as we get fresh green peas easily in Chennai round the year, and plenty in season).

4. Heat a wok and add 1 tsp of olive oil.  Before it smelts add the cinnamon stick, bay leaf, fennel (saunf) seeds and the cloves (lavang) and the cashew nuts.  Wait for the cashew nuts to turn golden brown.  Add the chopped onions next and the green chili with ginger-garlic and stir well.

5.  Toss in the the cottage cheese (panneer) cubes next and keep stirring for 1-2 minutes and let it brown slightly.  Add the shelled peas now.

6.  Finally add the soaked basmati rice and stir well.  Switch off flame shortly and leave on the wok for upto 10 min.

7.  Take the two halves of a coconut and grate it to small cubes.  Grind it with water.  Filter to get fresh coconut milk.  Use the first 1.5 cups of thick coconut milk for the pulao and then extract half to one cup of diluted milk next.  (alternately we can use store-bought coconut milk that comes in tetrapacks but i have never so far used that – always been using fresh extract).

8. Add this coconut milk to rice in the wok in ratio rice : coconut milk = 1 : 1.5.  That is for one part of the rice content in the wok, use 1.5 times coconut milk.  If the coconut milk is not sufficient even after getting a second extract, add water.

9.  So for 2.5 cups of rice i have used nearly 4 cups of coconut milk-water combination.

10. Leave the rice soaking in this coconut milk for about 10-20 minutes.  Add turmeric powder a pinch for colouring (optional).

12.  Transfer the contents to an electric rice cooker.

13.  Takes about 30 minutes to cook perfect.  Mix evenly and mix well so that everything blends nicely.

14.  This is a very mild pulao rich with coconut milk and panneer (coconut) and cashew nuts and naturally laden with calories.

15. A very yummy main course dish which is an instant hit everywhere, everytime!

16.  This serves about 4-5 people easily.

17. In pic:  served with hot yam roast and cool cool onion-tomato-cucumber raitha (salted yoghurt with cut fresh onion, tomato and cucumber).

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