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Team India’s gesture to Yuvi: a place in T20 side

April 7, 2014

Dhoni and Team India may have thought, they owed Yuvi one good final inning’s knock who knows.

What ails Indian Sport: 

I am surprised at all we are winning anything because i know with our finicky eating habits, our capabilities are very limited ….  we never produced an Imran Khan or Wasim Akram or Richard Hadlee or Ian Botham or Steve Waugh or Vivian Richards – for the simple reason we can never possess their appetite or stamina or both.  Physical prowess is clearly not our plus point which is why tactics must be our top agenda.  Our players don’t even match Sri Lankans in apparent body strength.  I am thankful to all Indian sportsmen be it in cricket or tennis or badminton or hockey or whatever for what they are still achieving with their frugal dietary habits, limited physical strength and lack of competent training.  Because I know and have seen how ‘others’ eat.  And if sports is high up in your school priorities, then you better drop out.  Academics and sports do not go hand in hand in India.  So it means even a very good cricket player who has won a proper place in the national team has still slogged in school and college and not given precious hours to physical training.  Only we Indians know of the complexities involved with Indian sporting.  Grooming players is tough and sporting is never a first choice for most of our young boys and girls (and their parents especially – including us!).  And suppose you manage to take up a sport and make it big, you can still be embroiled in bothersome bureaucracy and politics and favourtism.  If you beat it all, finally you make it.  By this time, an average Indian sportsman must be already too tired that winning no more matters.  Just getting upto this point must be satisfying and paying (because even if you do not get into national squad you always have the milking cow called IPL). If after this point we still have winners, then hats off to these sportsmen and women seriously! Winning or losing is no issue.  Extremely rare to come across someone like Sachin Tendulkar who managed to get a good break at a very young age, daring to kick academics behind…  Not many could pull that.  For instance, Krishnamaachaari Srikkanth is a qualified engineer first.  Cricket was there but alongside academics.  Which is why most of our sportsperson are still graduates.  None has that kind of unshakable confidence to build a sporting career without a fall-back option.  And finally what about the sponsorship aspect?  Sports get earmarked the minimum funding in Indian government departments, so if  desi tennis stars have made it to grandslams, it is not without personal financing to a great degree until atleast they could clinch a single international title.  Any sponsors or government help comes after that.  Sania Mirza’s parents are whom we have to laud for bearing without a murmur the complete economic costs to make their daughter a star that she is today.  Same goes with Saina Nehwal the badminton champion. So spending out of pocket is unavoidable in case of most Indian sportspeople working hard to realize their aspirations. How many Indian families can afford this kind of luxury?Which is why India can never yield world class sportsperson ever in any sporting event/game.  In Asiad and Common Wealth Games that we can pull records is unbelievable.  Kudos to our archers and boxers (who claim they get their strength from milk as does Dhoni, our cricket captain!)
Many will think i am giving excuses but this is plain truth.  You see the softness in Dhoni and Virat and Raina.  Can you detect that in any of the other teams’ members?  Lack of aggression in Indian players stares back at you straight.
Ok, coming to the point !

There is large scale blaming on Yuvraj Singh for losing the final of T20 cricket final against Sri Lanka, held recently in Dhaka.

Yuvi was indeed the architect of India’s World Cup win in 2011 soon after which he was taken ill.  Not to forget his role in India’s T20 world cup win in 2007.  May be skipper Dhoni and team thought it was payback time to Yuvi.

It is true that Yuvraj Singh played literally with one and a half lung.  I laud his efforts.  This is the maximum he could allow himself to go.  M S Dhoni perhaps over-estimated Yuvi and probably wanted him to bring India the world cup one more time.  Just to prove a point.  But his plans fell flat on his face.  A Raina could have done that easily.

Alright Yuvi, team India has given you enough, as have BCCI and selectors.  Time for you to retire in grace, than becoming  a burden and curse on the entire team.  Yes what a selfish world we live in.  We do not think about what you got for us in 2007 and 2011.  Public memory is short.  We are ready to pin the blame on you when you slip – and you did.

Besides that, I congratulate the Sri Lankan team on their fine win.  It is sometimes boring when you keep winning always without a tough fight with a challenging and exciting adversary.  The better team won the world cup.  Even if India had had won the finals, some parties would have labelled it as ‘match fixing.’  Atleast for this reason, I wanted India to lose.  Throughout the tournament Indian team performed okay – i have to admit we fared better because others’ fell short of their capabilities.

And finally what a cool and inspiring captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is.  From chewing gums with long hair, to shaving his head on world cup win in 2011 (as offering to temple/god) straight in the dressing room before receiving the trophy, to NOT dyeing his hair presently with grey hair showing in his whiskers, he has evolved into a very fine man.  There are some spot fixing allegations about CSK and its skipper.  But I keep my faith in Dhoni.  You are truly Chennai’s super king my hero!

And what a cool confidence in the field, the humility in winning, remembering to share the credits with team than hugging tight the glory onto himself, and the defiant pride even in losing!

India has never had such a fine man for captain in my memory!  Winning and losing are part of the game.  It is not losing that matters.  It is how you lose – with dignity, with your head held high.  Dhoni has this excellent temperament.

Virat Kohli, another Indian gem.  Concentrate totally on the game man – you have a long way to go!

Finally cricket is a sport, nothing more.  Let us not think of it as war between nations.  A win against our adversary does excite me but I know our priority is not winning over one particular team.  I would not want to give anyone that kind of importance – especially our chief adversaries.  Our rival team is NOT our goal.  Our vision is not so limited. Our goal is to play a fine game first.  To evolve into a much better team.  To prove consistent in the longrun.  Our sights are far-set.   Quality is what I want for India in every field. And that includes cricket.

Given our weaknesses, i can appreciate how Team India still manages to rejoice us with some splendid performances.





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