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Review: Kalyana Samayal Saadham (tamil film)

May 1, 2014

why it is a must see in our conservative society…


Suprised to watch this brand new picture played in Vijay Tv today.  ‘Kalyana Samayal Saadham’ means wedding feast in tamil.  OMG never thought Tamil cinema could be capable of handling so deftly such a bold theme – and the way they did it!  Hats off to the script writer and director and the young man Prasanna who dared to act as an impotent guy even if only in reel life.  How many bollywood heroes would come forward to do that.  I can already think of the 1000 ways they will spoil and tear up the script and the story with their crudeness and vulgarity, not caring for the nuances required in treating such delicate subjects.

Prassanna is a good actor and I do like him.  Unfortunately he is not very lucky.  Wish he is seen more often in Tamil cinema and does not fade away like the other great star Vikram.

In this picture Prasanna plays the hero, a techie who is having an arranged marriage fixed by his family through a matrimonial website as has become the local practice these days.  The heroine Lekha Washington is bubbly, vivacious and the couple happily fall in love.  The big south Indian 3-day wedding is on cards shortly, with sari shopping, jewelry shopping, wedding hall booking, wedding menu deciding, invitation printing etc etc.  Typical!  So nice to think of our own individual flashback at times like these!  Nothing looks fake, everything seems so authentic, genuine with screen story coming alive as if this is our neighbour’s wedding!

Keeping with the ‘advancement’ of our youth  these days prior to marriage, the couple hit the bed before tying the knot.  And there they encounter the hitherto not-thought-of problem.  The young bridegroom Arvind played by actor Prasanna, suffers from ‘erectile dysfunction’ which has become a real big problem with GenNext in recent years.  In our generation it was like one in a million – okay like one is a few thousands.  But over years steadily this has become a common-enough issue with relentless urbanization of our society and parting away with old way of life.  Impotency in young Indian males could be due to increased level of stress, mad rush for materialistic comforts and swiftly changing food habits and sedentary way of life to put it short.

What an awkward problem this is.  Until now i never thought i could spell out such terms like this even in my blog post.  But the way the picture handled it with humour thrown in in good measure emboldened me to write up this review.  This is a critical point, no joking about that.  Have all your laughs, but sit up and take notice please!

Finally I am writing review for not a very old pic, which is a good change.

The way the hero and heroine discuss this problem among themselves in the bed is impressive and trend-setting, the way it ought to be.  What an honest relationship they share.  The heroine tells the bridegroom that he could get treated and his lack of manhood  is no reason for cancelling the wedding which is magnanimous on her part.  She isn’t belittling the man or walking out on marriage, which shows the depth in her character. But the hero in an earlier scene does come out to rescue her family from the wedding hall crisis without the knowledge of his parents for his part.  Way it must be between husband and wife.  Who says arranged marriages are not like love marriages.  I am a living example of true and successful and happy phenomenon called arranged marriage.  I have written enough on my posts on arranged marriages.  We simply take time to fall in love, that’s all but our love is honest and mature and not fidgety.

The hero also confides in his close band of friends his grave condition, who in turn seek the help of sexologists to palm readers to gemologists to psychologists to get their friend ‘ready and active’ by his wedding night.  Nothing is offending or vulgar in the entire picture.  Not a single double meaning dialogue.  And what a sensitive issue this is…  What a way to treat it!

The bridegroom also confides in his father-in-law to be who looks at him like a son and sends him to one more doctor.  The doctor underlines the stress factor to the young man and calls it a mind thing.  He advices only relaxation and no prescription.

Soon after, the couple have a private dream beach wedding eloping a day before their actual marriage.  But they come back to have a proper family wedding surrounded by friends and relatives once again.

The honeymoon is disaster for first three days when the newly married sleep off all 24 hours in the resort cottage.  Then finally on the fourth day, it clicks hahaha!

Really the story could not have been made any better.  It has been made in such a hilarious, funny way frame by frame yet the director did not fail to capture the disappointment and irritation in the bride on the wedding night, the gnawing anxiety of her partner from the moment he comes to discover his ‘temporary problem’.   Today’s modern bride the heroine is, for the way she confronts the issue and attempts to solve it, encouraging her fiance all the way yet looking resigned at times as the D date fast approaches.   She is the one who researches online on this specific health issue of her guy and assures him it is ‘temporary’ – pointing out the screen.  She is assertive, says sex alone is not life, yet confesses, she does look forward to it very much in married life!  All this she says, not sulking, not angry but as a matter of fact, in practical voice.  She is still romantic, optimistic and loves her man come what may and does not allow the development ruin the run-up or courting period to their wedding!  And like a majority of Indian couples, the girl and the boy assure each other they were virgin until that first tryst of theirs that turns out to be a fiasco sadly.  The girl keeps asking the boy to ‘loosen up’ which seems to go a long way in keeping him in good humour and stopping  him from dropping the wedding plans.

So when atlast they make it in the honeymoon after sleeping off a good part of it, it is the girl who wonders aloud in the last reel as the curtains come down – as to whether eventually they became man and wife because of any doctor or counselor or psychologist or the beach wedding or the gemologist or whatever… …. Whatever, she says, one of these things or a combination of things finally worked for them!  A happy ending to a  beautiful, never-boring, intelligent, sweet fairy tale.

See i know this is a very sensitive issue not only for this particular reel hero, but for many young people these days.  It is ofcourse important to address boldly such an issue in the open to find a solution.  In our closed society, how better to do it than via a film like this which is so decent, slick, entertaining and educative all at the same time?  I hope the message reaches the younger lot.

Again I have to give it to the director and script writer for choosing such a theme and getting it out in this interesting shape in celluloid.  All young men and women have to watch this film, especially those who are about to be married.  It is strange to think that in a country where rape is a commonly committed crime, there is also an increasing percentage of young, suave, urban upper-middle class youth who are turning out to be impotent or infertile.  This is not good for any society.  One out of every 3 couples who marry these days in Chennai are not able to conceive normally without medical help.  The youth of today have to realize the importance of sports, exercises, yoga and healthy home food, relaxation and recreation in their lives and the detrimental effects of western food like coke, pepsi, pizza, pasta, noodles etc in our lives.  Stress is an equally important question to be dealt with.  Why this mad rush for money.

Loved this song in the picture (in fact i am addicted!) :


Will ask my husband to ask my 20 year old son to watch this picture with his friends.  He is a rascal (my son!), could have already seen it, who knows!  He already thinks I and my husband do not know ANYTHING !!!


PS:  Missed the titles in the tv but just now happened to notice in the you tube.  So both the director and screenplay writer is Prassana who played hero!  Not surprised.  He is after all  known for his weighty character roles in tamil cinema.  But to do this in such an young age is stupendous.  Well done, Prasanna.  Looking forward to more of this kind from you in future.  A superb film director is born today!


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