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Review: ‘Ananthapurathu Veedu’ (tamil film)

May 2, 2014


(The house without the aged elderly is like a temple without the presiding deities …)

This is a verse in a song that comes in the picture that starts with ‘thaaye enge?  inge?  thandhai, uyir vidhaitha thandhai, enge?’  (where is the mother?  here? father, where is the father who gave life?)

“Azhudhaal thudaikka oru aal illai….

Vizhundhaal anaikka oru thol illai….”

‘There is none to wipe (tears) when crying…

There is no shoulder to give support when faltering…

Really, everytime i watch this song i cry.


(this link has 2 parts – 2 songs.  the second song is what is”thaaye’ i am talking here about; but the first one is equally good ‘chithirai maadham’ – beautifully shot within a kerala type traditional tiled home).




Writing this review 3 years after the film release.  But seen it half a dozen times in the tv.  Main reason could be that the hero is orphan who loses his parents in young age in a car accident.  Somehow connect with the picture at emotional level.  Saw it once more last week.

‘Ananthapurathu veedu’ means ‘house at Ananthapuram’ in tamil.  The locale however seems to be Kerala with the sprawling mansion boasting of exquisite collection of antique furniture and a lovely private backyard lotus pond with steps from patio leading upto the green water.  The house and the picnic spot are a feast to the eyes.

The hero played by Nandha returns to ancestral home/village with family running away from creditors.   Heroine is Chaya Singh. The creditors trace the hero to this old creaky house and hold the family as hostages under house arrest for repayment of loan.  Meanwhile it is understood that the big bungalow is haunted – by none other than the hero Bala’s parents.  Bala played by Nandha does what he can calling tantrik etc to drive away the spirits so that he could sell the house as suggested by his friend and business partner who is double-crossing him in order to clear his mounting debts.  All his attempts fall flat in his face but his family comes to willingly accept the unasked-for love from the invisible in-laws/grandparents at the same time within the 4 walls old house.  The faithful old maid servant is a well crafted character.

How the long-gone parents protect the family, lavish them especially the grandchild with love and affection and make the betraying friend pay back his due is the story.  What all we love and long to do to our son, daughter and grand children?  It is amazing when we realize that indeed we want nothing more in life than this greatest blessing.  All ends well and the home is finally his to keep, for the hero.  The villain is decent but ruthless financier who would stop at nothing to recover his capital with interest.  No violence whatsover in the film.  One good reason for me to like the pic. There seems no mercy in the villain  but he is reasonable.  No ground for logic in this film, but the story is totally moving. Highly recommended.


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