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Nannari-Lemon Sherbet (Anantamul-Nimbu Pani)

May 17, 2014



Nannari is best for Indian summers.  It is a traditional root and added with lemon juice, it has a great cooling effect on our body.

Called ‘Anantamul’ in Hindi, the english and scientific names of Nannari (tamil) are ‘Hemidesmus Indicus’ and Indian Sarasaparilla respectively as the root is native to India.

This sherbeth is very common in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  The best place to get a good sip is frankly the road-side shops.

The root is available in powdered form in all ‘nattu marundhu kadais’ of Tamil Nadu meaning traditional medicine shops.

I got the Nannari syrup from the reputed ‘Kalathi Stores’ in Mylapore where I used to enjoy ‘Rose Milk’ to ‘Goli soda’ to all sherbets in my school days.  This Nannari syrup is home-prepared by this small neighbourhood cornershop tucked right at the back of my school, in business for over 30-40 years to my knowledge.  Famous haunting place for my school girls (where we used to ‘chance’ looking at PS High School boys in those days hahaha !)

Anyway 2 of my sisters got me 2 bottles of syrups from the shop where we downed a chilled glass of ‘Rose Milk’ each – the Rose Syrup and the Nannari syrup.  These syrups have sugar base and hence must not be refrigerated.

For a glass of Nannari sherbeth, we have to add upto 2.5 tsps of syup and mix it will iced/cold water, that is all.  No need to add sugar.  Serve chilled.  But mostly we also add a dash of lemon to each glass to give the sherbet a tangy twist.  I would recommend juice from one lemon to be used for two glasses of Nannari sherbet.  Best coo ldrink and natural cool drink for worst Indian summers.


Recommended to all guests of Chennai.  This is the goodness of street food at its best.

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  1. Had never heard of nannari before. Thanks for the info. Now I have to hunt it down 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 Very popular summer drink down south, especially in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Mostly petty-shop owners near famous temples (like Meenakshi temple in Madurai, Kapaleeshwar temple in Madras) stock it/sell it. Rare to find it in departmental stores.

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