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TO MODI, WITH LOVE :-) :-) :-)

May 19, 2014

Wishing Shri Narendra Modi ji, the new prime minister of India a hundred years! Dheerghaayush!

Why should not a chaiwallah (tea vendor) become the head of a State?  If anything, this reflects how in democracy anyone can aspire for and achieve his or her goal if he or she has the will. Small town boy Modi did it from Vada Nagar, in Gujarat.  And it is sheer hypocrisy calling him ‘chai wallah’ when Shri Narendra Modiji is a masters in Political Science. He is very much tech-savvy, smart and is good with words.  His ‘sanskrit’ diction is flawless and has me mesmerised.  He is hardworking and sincere and earnest.   A visionary like none independent India has seen before.  He is everything i have always wished for in a PM.  Any more reasons for why I fancy him?

I want atleast 10 years for Modi at the center.  To me he is the Sardar Patel, Bismarck of India, I as well as most of our generation missed out on.  We need a steely, stubborn PM and Modi is strong, confident and bold.  He is least corruptible and straight-forward and transparent.  Keeps himself abreast with latest developments and trends and is active on social media, yet retains that old world charm which is so endearing.   He is accessible to common man! Loved it when he visited his aged mother right after it was made official that his party had won majority in the Lok Sabha to form a stable government at the center.  Not a hung parliament, note.  So after decades we Indians can relax that there won’t be blackmail by regional coalition partners (parties) during term.  The government will be free to function and make bold moves in legislation, economy, law & order and whatever.  And for this feat one single man is responsible, SHRI NARENDRA MODI.  From campaigning via 3 D holograms to his whirlwind tour of Assam and other north eastern states for over half a dozen times, Modi left no stone unturned to infuse confidence in millions of voters around the nook and corner of the country.  And remember this is Indian summer at its peak.  And this man is not getting any younger….

Never have prayed for a politician in my life, but from friday I am doing just that.  I recite the ‘Mrityunjaya Mantra’ for the health and well-being and ‘aayush’ of my family members and closest kin, in my everyday prayer.  Now I am including Narendra Modijee too in my list hahaha!

Don’t care if he is always referred in context to Gujarat riots.  The fact that none fled Gujarat after 2002 must speak volumes about what he is to the minority.  In the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections, looks like even the hardcore UP muslims have voted for BJP, taunted as ‘Hindu nationalist party’ by world media.  Name-calling like ‘saffron brigade’ brings a smile to my face when I can guess, at worst some of the party cadres could be hooligans and stone-pelters, nothing more.

Wishing Modi the best of luck.  Love you Modi for the way you love India so intensely so passionately … Highest respects for the hard walk you have walked to get where you are today… Tough man, tough life, on a tough mission… What can this simple unimportant housewife wish rather than pray for your health and aayush?  Careful, son of India, right at this very moment ugly plans might be getting hatched to do you away by obnoxious people.  Talking to my friends over phone, i learn the same fear lurks now in everyone’s mind.  We all love you so much.  We have never been so inspired by a politician in as many years… and now here you are, making the youngest and newest voters take interest in the nation, in politics, in administration, in social service which is remarkable, exceptional, trend-setting….. I am so elated that you have won, but at the same time I worry about your safety and security always… You are much more precious to us now than ever before, God be with you!

God bless your mother who gave you to India!  And you have an uphill task Mr. Modi right ahead of you in restructuring the fragile, fractured economy of ours.  They say you sleep for hardly 4 hours a day and I wonder from now on whether you will be able to get even that minimum respite every day.  What a huge responsibility you carry on your shoulders… you carry the hopes and aspirations of a billion men and women no less…  I like the way you have embraced us all, and like the fact that you indeed were once a chai wallah because from your humble origins you will know the pain of being inadequate of anything in life.  You will know because you are not from an elite or royal family.  You are one of us, so that makes you ‘aam aadmi’ ironically!  You have promised ‘inclusive growth’ and i hope you keep your promise.

We are with you every step, and I would like to personally wish you the best of luck hahaha (if only that is possible)!  Together we can make it work, we can rebuild the nation… Goddess Saraswathi dances in your tongue and Ganga Mata will always bestow upon you her best blessings.  We would vote for you again and again if only to hear your sanskrit mantras that are thousands of years ancient… India has never had a prime minister like you in her history….  and what do your critics know?

Your progress report will start coming in soon Mr. Modi, during every quarter, every half-year end of financial years to come.  I will give you some time to settle down, but expect a l… o…t from you once you are ready!  I bet you are already!  You are keeping your cards close to your chest, so we don’t know yet who will be your key cabinet ministers but I hope and trust the nation is in good hands from now on and that we can rest assured and go back to peaceful sleep every night because you are there looking after us…  So that is how much this nation loves you and trusts you…

My most sincere wishes to you once again, and ‘dheerghaayush!’ – for the sake of your mother, for the sake of Mother India.

May India prosper in your regime, let ‘adharm’ wear off and let ‘dharma’ flourish, let our rivers be ever fertile, let our harvests be always bountiful, let our children grow up to become responsible adults and let there be ‘subhiksham’ at home and in the streets. Let Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Shakthi live forever in Bharatha Varsha!

Jai Hind!

(The first general elections in my memory must be the 1979 Lok Sabha polls i guess.  I remember my parents vaguely balking at the lotus symbol painted in the neighbour’s wall.  Someone asking for votes based on one’s faith was vulgarity in that age.  (But more than that I recall our school closing soon when Jaya Prakash Narayan passed away and therefore it was declared a national holiday hahaha!  loved it then!)  My grandparents and parents always voted for the national party Congress over the regional Dravidian ones.  BJP has come a long way since then.  Since seeing the ‘lotus’ symbol for the first time in my life in 1979, world and India in particular have changed a lot…   I remember the ‘hand’ symbol too distinctly … but in native Tamil Nad, its the dravidian parties that always rule the roost.)

(FALLING IN LOVE WITH RAJIV GANDHI HAHAHA:  Yes, it is my most fondest memory from teenage when it comes to politics!  I was in class 11 when he became our dashing PM in 1984 I guess… my whole class was in love with him when i was in secondary school!  i remember a caricature by Mario Miranda in ‘ The Illustrated weekly of India’ which is no more in circulation.  In this one issue i remember vividly a cartoon of Rajiv hiding himself with his palms (!) after he had had a vasectomy in a govt clinic to set an example to the common man!  And there was this shy, sly grin pasted across his face!  Very naughty cartoon like Miranda’s always have been… In that age it was a shocker for us teenage girls! It is strange how our memory chooses to retain those nuggets of  small excitements and crushes we have had in our youth until this date.  All I can say is, if India has ever had a prime minister with whom high school girls fell in love head over heels, it was Rajiv Gandhi!)

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