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40 die in Gorakhdham Express Train Accident.

May 26, 2014

BJP probably chose today for swearing-in of central ministers and Shri Narendra Modiji as our 15th PM as this is an auspicious ‘Pradosham’ evening.  (Missed it in the Shiva temple in my street to watch the oath-taking ceremony live in tv).  Very good ‘Muhurat.’

Still in the morning happened the Gorakhdham Express train accident in which about 40 people lost their lives in UP, not far from New Delhi.  How the media brushed the tragic incident under the carpet is appalling.  Very minimal coverage, the spotlight being focused on Delhi.

Just switched off the tv – severe head ache after imbibing non-stop nonsense from Arnab Goswami all day long (still addicted to him!)

Very austere ceremony (sheer by volume though) where the cabinet ministers and ministers of State were poignantly under-dressed.  Even scruffy, like in case of Uma Bharti who never keeps appearances (literally)… still… looks like she’s handed ‘Water Resources and Ganga cleaning’ ministry.  Hopefully she rinsese and cleanses herself in the process, but not in Gangajal hahaha 🙂 🙂 🙂

Outright smirking in the front line of the crowds when minister Siddheshwara (from Karnataka?) chewed and spit English which shows immaturity and callousness among a section of leaders in whom we have put so much trust.  Must be those from the minister’s home state/constituency heckling him for his ‘courage’ in tackling the Queen’s language on stage. Same is the case with Pon Radhakrishnan, BJP state head, who won a lone seat for BJP in TN for the first time, creating history.   Our guys speak English and Hindi in Tamil accent 🙂  A second minister from Tamil Nad is Smt. Nalini Seetharaman, hitherto unheard of.  Special award must be constituted for the southern ministers and MPs who dare to go to parliament like they might be strolling to the evening bazaar for buying subzi – all messed up and dirty! Sigh.  Vanity is not my cup of tea either, still.. my TN reps go out of the way to prove to the world that nothing can deter them ever from donning the soiled white dhotis and shirts without creases in public.

Agreed, appearances are rather deceptive… so let’s wait and see how they are going to go about their job.

Modi has taken care of regional aspirations I can see right away, with representations from east, west,north and south in equal measure.  Shrewd man.  25% of ministers are women.  A lean cabinet as promised by him.  Najma Hepthullah seems to be the only minority representative in the ministry.

I am not too very happy with the cabinet or other ministers of State.  I am missing Jaswant singh.  And also the dead and long-gone Pramod Mahajan who was in Vajpayee ministry and Yashwant Sinha.   Lots of fresh faces getting first time chance alongside old stalwarts like Sushma Swaraj and Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitley. Keeping my fingers crossed.  Too early to comment.

Another key absentee from ministry is Murli Manohar Joshi.  One believes Modi strictly adheres to ‘under 75’ policy after what the nation had to put up with the third cardiac bypass of Manmohan Singh, outgoing PM, and the knee replacement surgery of former BJP PM A B Vajpayee during term. So L K Advani will be the speaker before being crowned as the President?

Modi and his team kept the SAARC leaders sweating (and swearing? (pun intended)) in May Delhi heat, but Nawaz Sharif managed (or was determined) to look cool and well dressed as he always is.  (These guys spend a lot of time in men’s parlour?!) Rajapaksa is like a local rowdy for us Tamils and he did make appearance like one, no doubt.  President Karzai looks like ‘The Mummy’  hahaha – i always think of ‘ the Mummy’ when I see him in his flowing robes, with his shaven head in tv bright and gleaming like boiled egg:-) Bhutan PM and Maldives chief and Mauritius PM and Nepal PM are the usuals.  Me missed Bangladesh?

Nawaz Sharif made the mistake of sitting in between the silent Manmohan Singh and his wife.  What for?!  Atleast Mrs. Singh was gracious enough to let out a word or two when the cameras rolled in.  Manmohan Singh did look demure and quiet like ‘dehati aurat!’

The Congress contingent  looked disinterested no wonder.  A shadow passed over Sonia Gandhi’s face.  Beta Rahul looked sober and resigned to his fate.  Or was that a sigh of relief?!

For once before the ceremony started, even Arnab Goswami was at loss of words trying to figure out who the obese man with long hair by the side of Mukesh Ambani was.  Finally he stammered and stammered and guessed he must be none other than the son of the business tycoon.

Salman Khan shifted about in many poses, but who cares.  This is what i hate Modiji for (got to do something with this chaiwala origins?!) .  Why invite this crap and those like Rajni Kanth (who was nowhere to be seen)?  Mr. Modi, Indian public did not vote for you because Rajni or Salman asked us to.  Other notables included Shri Shri Ravishankar of ‘Art of Living’.’  Missed Dhoni.

Looked like the entire ‘Bharatha Varsha’ was in attendance in the sweltering sun for hours – what an eclectic mix.  Kudos to Modi for keeping these super-sophisticated men of style and power (heads of SAARC States) sitting and fuming in an airless summer evening, right under the sky.  They must know what it is to be a common man and live without air-con and other comforts.   My heart aches at the sight of crowded buses and trains always.  The struggles, the pain we the mortals endure in everyday life…  I am happy the BJP team and the Congress camp sweated it out alike before probably the evening breeze must have set in.  (Chennai religiously gets its sea breeze in the evenings.  What about Delhi?  Any Yamuna breeze?!)

Kitty party with SAARC leaders getting over tonight.  And so is the honeymoon for you Narendra Damodardas Modi.  Back to business tomorrow morning.

And now Arnab, take a long holiday please.  Nation has been suffering like anything from you.  We need a break.  It still amazes me how you did a marathon covering on May 16th as the results came filing in one by one.  Just looking at you tires me instantly!




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