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Mango Lassi (Mango-Yoghurt Shake)

May 28, 2014

Mango Lassi Home-made.  Favourite Indian Summer Mango shake/smoothie.

Easiest to make.  Best had in restaurants or juice shops.  Still… I make it at home whenever i am left with too many ripe mangoes in the fridge and too much of dahi/plain yoghurt to go with (!) Care has to be taken to ensure that the dahi/curd/plain yoghurt is not too sour.  Best served as dessert.

There won’t be a single female in the entire Indian subcontinent who does not know how to make it, still I have no other better job to do right now so I am posting this recipe 🙂


Ripe Mango – 1 medium size*

Dahi/curd/plain yoghurt – 1 cup (unsalted)  (should not be sour)*



Ice cubes (optional) – i never add at home




Rinse and peel the ripe sweet mango and dice it. (messy affair!)

Whisk at medium speed in the blender the mango cubes.

Add the dahi/curd/yoghurt next and whisk again to a smoothie.

Add sugar and water if necessary. (i do).  Whip again.

Consistency: you choose.  Ice cubes: optional.

Pour into tall glasses and serve chilled.

* Serves about 2-3.

Needless to add, Mango Lassi/Mango-Yoghurt Smoothie is high calorie, filling and nutritious, yummy all at 1 go.


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