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Just Falafel !

June 7, 2014

Dined out at ‘Just Falafel’ that has opened new near our place in Doha.  Brushing aside my son’s irritation about having to eat ‘veggie food’ even outside India, my husband decided to treat me in this exclusive veggie Arab restaurant/outlet, rare to find in this part of the world (excluding Indian veggie restaurants).  We also peeped into a newly opened Nepali restaurant and an Afghan one (where we have dined before once).  But the absence of women in the scene made us opt for ‘Just Falafel.’

Son went for the original, hubby for Haloumi and I for Quasadillo.  Son opted for Mint-Lemonade and hubby & I settled for fresh Coffee (with milk and sugar) – one of the best again, to our surprise.

Needless to say, we were lone eaters.  Not many takers for veggie food here so I am fearing whether this restaurant will survive for long.

In non-vegetarian restaurants like Lebanese and Turkish, I ask for veggie food like Falafel sandwich which they make specially for me on request.  Very tough for us to explain to them how not to use even the same spoon for filling my sandwich that they use for everyone.  But they understand our vegetarian habits and always oblige.  I check with the staff a 1000 times before taking a bite of any veggie food that we get in Arab restaurants.  Something tells me these guys will not lie or cheat for business.

In ‘Just Falafel’ I am saved the bother.  It is clean, and most importantly they don’t even use eggs in their kitchen.  So the cutlery to dishes are ‘clean’ and ‘untainted’ by usage by non-vegetarians sorry!  Rare to find such a ‘clean’ restaurant (in the sense truly veggie) outside India.

Thanks ‘Just Falafel’ – you do not know what a boon you are to born-vegetarians like me! After years of cooking meat & fish for my family, I still can’t get over the inborn aversion for non-vegetarian stuff.  Just hate the smell (!) and bug my family to ‘mouthwash’ a million times after they finish eating non-veg thali hahaha!

Also even if there are a dozen veggie Indian restaurants here in Doha, I am for trying authentic Arab or any other foreign vegetarian recipes for a change.  The Italian/American food as well as Chinese/Thai invariably use atleast the ubiquitous shrimp sauce etc in even French Fries so I am cautious about them and avoid them 99% if I can.  Explaining to them our vegetarian values is hopeless.  Good to have to try original Arab vegetarian cuisine – even in the form of fast food – in clean environs than in roadside shops/food courts in Malls for once.

Falafel Sandwiches are not only a healthy choice but are also easy on our pockets.


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