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Atlast a Power-Surplus State…

June 8, 2014

To those of JJ’s critics, I ask:  hang your heads in shame for what a woman can do this State, to this country.  exactly what is your value addition to this society.

At state level, I have always voted for JJ – in the 10 years she ruled (in previous 2 regimes), one great achievement for the state was ‘NO POWER-CUT.’  Come back the Karunanidhi era, the load-shedding of 1 hour per day in summer was back.

When KK left the Fort St. George for JJ to assume office as CM for the third time 3 years back, our power woes were back – with summer time load shedding in month of May extending upto 2 hours in the first year of her governance.

When JJ left offices after her second term, the state’s power production stood at 11,000 MW if I am right.  The same was reduced to a pathetic 7,000 MW by the successive KK – DMK govt who emptied all coffers on their way out to put JJ in a fix right on taking over.

3 years in office now, the state is back with surplus power and this May month, TN was back to square one with NO LOAD SHEDDING just like we have always been in her regime.

Power is also cheapest in Tamil Nad compared to other states.  I ran air-cons 1.5 tons each – 3 of them – day and night for 2 hottest months of April and May this year and my bi-monthly power bill (for 2 months’ consumption) is a mere 5,500 bucks, one of the lowest tariffs in the country.

Shame on congress govt that ruled Delhi for 10 years doing nothing but are now blaming BJP for power crisis in the national capital.

An individual can do a lot in her capacity to improve the welfare of her state. TN is a standing example.  Amma canteens are now all India popular where the poorest labour force in the state can breakfast and lunch heartily for a mere 5-10 buck.

JJ was the first CM in India to give away laptops free to higher secondary students and also bi-cycles to commute to school.  I have already blogged on her water schemes for the city.





JAYALALITHA JAYARAM, a product of Church Park convent, Madras, State rank holder in her days in board matriculation exams, a Bharat Natyam dancer and No.1 Tamil heroine of her times…

Salute you M’am – you are an inspiration to all of us, a role model.

Here is a song I am playing from one of JJ’s pictures:

Tamil Nadu must be the only state in India where the current CM and an ex-CM MG Ramachandran romanced in pictures before they became CMs 🙂 Don’t remember MGR much whose era got over around the same time as Indira Gandhi, but love this one from ‘Ayirathil Oruvan’ (one in a 1000) which is JJ’s debut movie.  She hardly looks it though.  What a supreme confidence level, given she was after all 16 when the picture was filmed.  She is the brainiest politician we have in Tamil Nadu undoubtedly!

No copyright violation intended.  Sharing the links without prejudice.




To my CM JJ who has faced the cruelest character assassination by men:  there is no one like you.

A person’s personal life is her/his choice over which none has a right to comment upon.  Respect the choices that JJ made in life.

I think the only way men can ever get upto her is by raking up her past, about the men in her life.

She is smart, she is astute and she is not to be cowed down by anyone.




TN has never had it so good in recent times.  A pro-State central government (we did have one such in DMK-Congress period for a whopping 10 years but what a waste. our guys got us nothing more than the shame of 2G scam that TN was in the forefront of corruption statistics at all-India level.)

Power became a critical problem when the central govt Congress refused Tamil Nadu, supply from the central grid because of conflict of interests.   Now Tamil Nadu produces surplus power and is in a position to supply to the central grid and what a turn-around!

In the same manner, JJ solved 2 crucial legal tangles over sharing of river waters with neighbouring Kerala (in Mullai Periyar dam & reservoir) and Karnataka (Cauvery issue pending for decades).  She went upto the Supreme court, followed up the matter religiously and got a favourable final verdict for the State.  The same could have been solved by the former DMK govt because they were the allies of the ruling congress at the center whereas at that time, the State govt in Kerala was communist, not a congress ally.

But the matter was deliberately kept pending by the DMK govt.  Kerala elected congress govt at the state level next.  With congress govt in Kerala state level as well as in the center, it was not easy for a hostile ADMK govt from TN to get the desired court verdict in Mullai Periyar dam case.  Kudos to our Supreme court for their impartial judgement and clear verdict.  It was a tough case that merited meticulous research and the tribunal had no doubt done an extensive study on the subject.

JJ’s previous ADMK regime saw her hunt for the anti-social element and forest brigand Veerappan successfully that the DMK govt could have done in their capacity.

WHERE THE REGISTRARS IN THE STATE ARE ALL WOMEN:-) One great move by JJ on her assumption of power the third time was to remove all the Registrars of various taluk, thahsildhar offices in the city and entire state and replace them with qualified women, in a sweeping move to abolish corruption at Registrars’offices.  Great success in this front I must say because women hesitate to ask for the dole like men do.  But my counsel complains that with male registrars, work used to be get done easily with under-the-table transactions, with women registrars work gets stalled.  Well, the straight way, the direct way, is never gonna be easy.  Especially for those of us used to follow up crooked ways to get things done hassle-free.

There are a lot of things a government can do at both State and Central levels to improve the standard of living of our people.  The water problem and the power problem themselves consume a good amount of our energy and time and scarce resources that can be put to better use.  When the fundamentals are taken care of, we can channelize our efforts to improve and better our livelihood in all respects.  So that is what exactly JJ is doing – and that is what Modi did with Gujarat as well.

Good time for India?  A pro-business Chandrababu Naidu is taking over as CM right at this moment in Hyderabad (capital of Seemaandhra – or coastal Andhra Pradesh).  He is one of the best we have down south, the best thing that can happen to Andhra in last 10 years.  Last time he was the CM (1999-2004), we were there in Andhra (2001-2004), and have seen his work.  Naidu’s party TDP was a coalition partner then with Vajpayee’s BJP govt at the center.  The two worked hand in hand – proud to say my husband was part of NH-5 team (he did the Kavali-Ongole stretch of about 75 km) then, and some of our best years were spent in coastal Andhra.  Love all the southern states – be it Kerala or Karnataka or Seemandhra & Telegana (erstwhile Andhra Pradesh).

It was unexpected that Naidu should lose as also BJP in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections.

Hope good times are in the offing.  Never felt so upbeat about my state, about south India, about India in years… 

My best wishes are with the local and central administration.

Give us citizens good administration first, best civic amenities – see what we can in return do to India.




When son drives back home after 10.00, every night he is stopped by vigilant police patrol that check his breath as also his licence, insurance etc.  Almost everyday the same cop, the same spot, the same boy in the same car – but they never take chances.

In our drive to airport at 2.30 am (flight was by 6 am), I was overwhelmed by the sight of patrol jeeps every 100 m – typical during JJ’s administration always.  They are looking into cabs, looking right at the drivers, passengers.

From my balcony I can see that 2-3 guys come out to chat/smoke in my street corner every evening. Within 5 minutes, the police are out clearing the group.  Not more than 2-3 men can assemble anywhere in street corners or shop fronts or anywhere for more than a minute or two – this is JJ admin.  Or else walk to the police station.

Excellent law & order.  When a woman can do this, a movie star-turned-chief minister, why can’t anyone else in other states or the center?






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