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Fusion of the Mind and Soul

June 10, 2014

Love this!  Taking fusion to a new high, bhakthi to a new high.

Not regularly watching Tanishq Swarna Sangeetham in Raj Tv but happened to watch the Fusion round in whichVeena player Rajesh Vaidya was special guest.  The other judges were Nithyshree Mahadeven and Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy. Mindblowing opening recital in the show with ‘veena’ coming to life in Rajesh Vaidya’s hands, and what took the cake was stellar performance by one of the contestants – Aditya Narayan (fusion vocal).  OMG can anyone have such a melting voice.

(click on ‘Episode 25’ in the webpage for the fusion round)


the direct link


All the participants are good but this Aditya is my personal favourite.  Wish you the best of luck my son!  Goddess Saraswathi seems to dance in your vocal chords.   Aditya sings from 41:00 minute in this episode i guess.   Simply spellbound! What an unbelievable mature voice and what a voice modulation for his age.  Mesmerized Adi, and listening to you again and again and again, God bless!


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