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Red Cabbage Potato Curry (Red Gobi-Aloo Curry)

June 15, 2014

Red Cabbage-Potato Curry/Red Gobi Aloo Curry/Red Muttai Kos-Urulai Poriyal (Tamil)


(also called ‘Ooty Kos’ in Tamil after the hillstation Ooty where it comes from)

Okay cabbage is not a vegetable that my family readily loves and I have to force it down their throat.  Plus any vegetable in red or purple is like nightmare for most kids.  Riot in the dining table if it is beetroot or red cabbage day.  In Chennai, we get this red cabbage/purple cabbage that is dubbed as ‘ooty cabbage’ as that is where we get it from. (Ooty is the queen of hill stations in Tamil Nadu). Although I regularly add cabbage in my kitchen menu, this red cabbage variant is like a rare dish – because I have to alternate it with beetroot.  Like once in 3 weeks – either beetroot or this red cabbage.

While with beetroot somehow I make the vegetable cutlets or simply saute’ with carrots, the red cabbage is a real problem. Tried out many recipes but everything is clean-bowled by my family in the first ball.  Finally I have come to this simple but easy recipe where I am adding the taste-enhancing potato that also gives some body to this dish.

Won’t call it a super-hit, but makes it little more palatable to my family.  Its not like the red cabbage is not tasty or anything.  I think the men are prejudiced against it because of the colour.

But adding foods of different natural colours is a must in our regimen – like this purple colour beetroot or red cabbage, the yellow pumpkin, the white ashguard, the purple, green and white egg plants, the greeny beans, the pink raddish etc.

My family were sure shocked when I picked up this red cabbage here in Doha supermarket as well. I try foreign vegetables always here than Indian imports – like Kenya beans, Lebanon carrots, Pakistan Mangoes for instance. What we do not get in Chennai – I make it a point to get here. This purple cabbage is also imported from Lebanon-Jordan.

Tastes however differ. I think the reason is our soil and water.  Ooty fresh vegetables grow in high altitude hill station, so taste aesthetic whatever they be – whether green peas or carrots or red cabbage.  We have to keep in mind that the imported vegetables and fruits we find here in Doha are atleast a week older.  Main casualty is the moisture content.  That is one great difference I find here in vegetables compared to that we get in India.   Everything is a bit dry thanks to the desert climate.  Right now outside temperature is over 50 deg C.  And we always sweat and fume even for 40 deg in Chennai.

All the more reason for us to add more green and leafy vegetables here in our diet than in India.  Red cabbage can also be tried as salad – but did not work well with my family.



Red Cabbage or Red Bandh Gobi or Red Muttai Kos (we call the Red or Purple Cabbage as Ooty Kos in Tamil)- 1 kg (or one full of moderate size)

Potato/Aloo – 1/4 kg

Onion – medium size 1 or 2

Tomato -1

Green chili, ginger, garlic (green chili -1  or 2, ginger a bit and garlic – 2 or 3 pods)

Red chili powder/Curry powder – 3 tsp

Dhania/Coriander seeds powder – 3 tsp

(I alternately use the Madras sambhar/curry powder I make at home – listed under my glossary)

Garam Masala powder 1 tsp – optional.  (I haven’t here as it is already very hot.  Decided to make the dish less fiery).

Turmeric powder – a pinch

Salt to taste

Oil – 2 tbsp


For tempering: mustard and cumin seeds and broken dry red chili 1 or 2

For garnishing – coriander

Preparation time:  not more than 10-15 min




1. Rinse throughly and shred the red cabbage/red bandh gobi/Ooty Muttai Kos, keep aside.

2. Peel and grate one onion and keep aside.  The other onion plus tomato, grind to a paste with green chili, garlic and ginger.

3. Peel the potato. Dice the potatoes/aloo/urulai into 0.5×0.5 cubes.

4.  Take 2 tbsp onion in a deep-frying pan/kadai/wok and heat it.  Deep-fry to golden brown the diced potato cubes. Place in a tissue to remove excess oil.

5. In the same wok with the heated oil, add the tempering ingredients viz., mustard seeds, dhania/cumin seeds and dry red chili and wait for them to splutter.

6. Add the grated onion at this stage and stir-fry to golden brown.

7. Add the onion-tomato-green chili-ginger-garlic paste to this and keep stirring.

8. Add the shredded red cabbage next and mix well.

9, Add the deep-fried potato cubes next and stir completely.

10.Finally add the red chili powder and dhania powder plus the turmeric powder and salt.  Add water if necessary. I don’t as the cabbage will sweat in cooking with lid closed.

11.Cook on low flame with lid closed but keep stirring every now and then until done.

12.Cooking time – not more than 15 min.

13.Garnish with freshly washed and cut coriander.

14. Serve hot with anything – any kind of roti/paratta or plain rice or even dosa.

15. Red cabbage is full of fibre and essential nutrition -and the gastric effects of potato and cabbage are taken care of with the ginger-garlic addition.  With potato, some might even find this dish yummy who knows 🙂  Its not that bad come’on 🙂

16.Serves about 2-3 people.



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