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Vegetable Omelet or Pan Pizza?!!!

June 21, 2014

Made this vegetable omelet for the men.  Not a great invention or discovery but this one is a fave in my kitchen so decided to add it up.

(Classified this under ‘vegetarian’ – not sure machine egg is veggie or non-veg.  Never consume egg directly – but as cakes/pastries made of eggs except on auspicious days as per Hindu calendar and also on fridays/tuesday/saturdays plus Amavasya, Pounami etc etc LOL. Which means, even cakes are ok only for about 10 days of a month perhaps.  Go for eggless cakes otherwise.  (Strict no-no to chocolates like Snickers, jellies etc as well which contain gelatin – beef extract as well as eggs.  Never eat anything without checking ingredients first))

Used a teflon coated non-stick pan for this one – no way i can make it in cast iron tawa given how sticky this omelet is.


Eggs – 4 (If it is organic egg of small size, add upto 6)

Onion – 1

Tomato – 1

Garlic – 1 or 2 pods (crushed)

Capsicum – 1/2 from a big one or full small one (shredded very fine)

Spring onion  (shredded – a fistful)

Carrots – 1/4 of a small one (shredded)

Green chili – 2 of small size grated very fine

Coriander leaves a fist ful or Cilantro (shredded)

Dry red chili flakes/dry red paprika flakes – 1/2 tsp

White/black pepper – 1/2 tsp

Rock Salt

Olive oil – 1 tsp

Cheese/butter optional.

My tip is:  whenever kids ask for pan pizza, try to coax them into eating this one instead.


pan pizza or vegetable omelet?

pan pizza or vegetable omelet?



Whisk the eggs to a very smooth consistency in a large bowl.

Grate very fine the onion and tomato and together with other shredded vegetables, add to the egg-batter and salt it.  Add the pepper powder and dry red chili/paprika flakes and also butter/cheese and whisk smooth and even.  (hand done).

Oil a heated tawa/pan pour this batter into the same and cook on medium flame with/without lid closed.

Turn the turtle and cook the nether side once the upside is done.

We get a crispy vegetable omelet ready to eat as healthy breakfast.  This one serves 1-2 people.

I am told this is yummy.  Looks good really. In fact son calls this Pan Pizza.  Very nutritious and filling also that they won’t bug you again for anything for next 2 hours LOL





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