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Coming home to monsoons, jasmines and oleanders and filter coffee and idlis …

July 1, 2014

Rains – no substitute for love, still that South West Monsoons should bring cheers to hot and humid Chennai is good news.  Ours is North East Monsoon due anytime between Sep & Dec.

Switched flights in Colombo, to a beautiful cloudy dawn.

This pic was shot by son through the plane window with his Samsung S4 phone.  Been into turbulence many times before, but in breaking day light, the experience was surreal. Flying through the low hanging clouds that bore the monsoon was marvelous (like a train speeding through a dark tunnel). So even before we landed in Chennai a couple of hours later we knew, the monsoons were waiting for us.

Starting a hectic religious & family wedding season to be followed nonstop upto Dec before resuming for Sankranthi/Pongal in Jan. Reopened my Pooja after a month, greeting my Mother Goddess with flowers – Oleander in the monsoons.

We hardly thank our small help do we. I am ever so grateful to my 33 year old maid SM, a mother of 2 kids, who is with me for last 10 years, who keeps my place spic and span in my absence, who has given me off from kitchen duties for a day cooking me home food, who has changed my bed linen with fresh ones, who has loaded the washing machine, who kept my Pooja ready knowing what my heart will long for… with jasmines and oleander in the fridge inviting like heaven (jasmines for me 🙂 )

What are blood relations for. Said a ‘hi’ to my MIL and aunt (via phone) way back home – in charge right away. Would like to say I missed home, but I miss love too. Torn between 2 heavens – or precisely 2 OVENS HAHAHAHAHA



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