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What are (girl) friends for?

July 1, 2014

Son explains to me umpteen times that his friends who are girls are not his girl friends. But I use the same lingo everywhere (bcoz this is new to us, in our gen, we never had any friends from opp sex 😦 ). I like his girl friends (!) because they are so sharp, so intelligent that I am left often wondering what these smart girls got to do with my son and his friends hahaha.

For his birthday this year, the girls came out with innovative birthday gifts. All handmade, making him something he loves. Clicked these pix just now.

(Names changed for privacy protection)

Remember getting Tom & Jerry, Popoye, Pikachu cakes and the like until my boy’s 10th year. But nothing like this. There are things that parents can never give children – that peers can. Girls, which lucky princes in shining armour are waiting out there to take you in their wings. Wish my MIL had been around to see the girls turn up in minis and strapless tops.  Her reactions would be worth recording!

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