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Women’s writing comes of age…

July 13, 2014

I am a nameless housewife but I thought I would air my amateurish thoughts in public so I am here. Now there are lots of women like me who are emerging out of their closets bold, giving expression to their innermost thinking which is heartening .

Sharing this Facebook post by a male friend which takes the cake! Thanks guys, it takes a lot to share something like this in your wall. So our men are changing finally?

Copying & Pasting from Facebook:


I go to the medical shop and ask for a sanitary Napkin.

First, I myself use a euphemism to a ‘pad’. I then correct myself, and say, bhaiiya Pad chahiye.

Then he asked me the company, I told him, Stayfree. He asked me the size. I told him. A friend of mine from college, a male friend came inside the shop. I smiled at him. He saw me holding the pack of pads. Then he took his pills and went on his way. He did not even talk to me. He was shy that he ‘caught’ me buying pads.

Then the shopkeeper suddenly emerged with a newspaper, and two polythenes. He took a newspaper, wrapped up my pad, then took up a white polythene, and then put the white polythene in the black polythene.

I said, “Bhaiiya, bomb nahi hai. Aur itna plastic waste mat kariye. Charas leke nahi jaa rahi.” ( Bhaiiya, it is not a bomb, and do not waste so much plastic. I am not taking hashish anyway.)

He just looked at me with a confused look. I removed the polythene, and all the cover ups he had given the mighty packet of pads. I was not even carrying a bag. I just took the plain Stayfree packet in my hand, and I WALKED towards home.

Why? Why is a packet of pad a matter of shame that it has to be covered up? Why is that it is not simply thought of as medicare? I bleed in a gap of 27 days every month and hell, so did your mother, so does your sister, so does your girlfriend. It is not a matter of shame- it is actually a sign of the health of a woman. Please, I hold hands and I beg of you, not to buy a black polythene covered pad. Just throw it directly in the shopping basket.

And my dad buys sanitary napkin for me, if my mother is unwell and I can’t go out for some reason. Guys, if you are told by your girl-friends, girlfriends, wives, sisters or mothers to buy a pack of pads- do not be ashamed. It is not a matter of shame- it is something a girl needs and it need not be a matter of shame. Please, try and be logical about this. It is not a matter of being flustered. I bleed, I need something to cover it up, and you are buying it, and I am buying, and if you are a seller you are selling it, you don’t have to cover it up under polythenes over polythenes. It just symbolizes our society- covered up with hypocrisies and bullshit and whatever is underneath gets lost.

Submitted by Prerna G Manian

The link:

Its not about mere sanitary napkins, we women face accusing glares even if we have to buy tampon, home pregnancy kit or ‘morning after’ pill or things like that over the counter. This college-girl probably has not reached that stage of her life, just wait and see girl, this ain’t over yet! Still, Bravo! Why should we be made to feel shame or guilt for something so natural and biological. Yes I have been handed over these things double-wrapped, under the counter, as if I had had asked for contrabrand drugs. The male attendant/pharmacist would refuse to meet my eyes. As if I was a s**t or criminal. Not just me, my friends have also been in the same spot a 1000 times in their lives. Good that someone thought about sharing her story. A good sunday read already.

PS: Sharing this as an after-thought. Following the Railway budget and Budget 2014 for last one week.




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