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The Hindu Holocaust The World Would Rather Not Talk About. – Part I: A Brief Outline

July 22, 2014


Updated: Aug 6, 2014 with this link:


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The Great Hindu Genocide spanned over 8 centuries that not even Hindus want to talk about, so why blame the Indian government or our neighbours with whom we have shared ancestry… The West is too preoccupied with their own selfish interests… the bloody history of Hindu persecution for nearly a 1000 years hardly merits interest in any quarter…


As Israel pounds Gaza and the Palestinian death toll mounts up, our muslim brothers and sisters around the world are more concerned about what is happening in the middle-east over what is happening in their backyard principally.

One can’t help but smirk at the misplaced loyalties of Indian muslims who never for one thing bother to voice their concern when Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh are decimated systematically that when in 1947, Hindu population in these countries stood at over 12% today it has climbed down to pathetic 3% or even less.

And one assassination of a PM-in-waiting Rajiv Gandhi suffices that we Indians especially mainland Tamils must maintain stoic silence even as Tamil Hindu genocide in Sri Lanka continues unabated drawing the UN attention. I am marking the Sri Lankan Tamils Hindu here for a reason (we will get to that shortly).

Ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits by muslim militants in the state of Jammu & Kashmir made the sons of the soil IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) in their own country living in shabby tents in the outskirts of Delhi hoping to return to the valley someday.

By this logic, should muslim population in Tamil Nad someday exceed Hindu population, will we Hindus have to flee our homes like our Kashmiri Hindu brothers and sisters. So dear world media, this is the truth about islamic community.  The day they, the muslims, are one up in any part of the globe, natives be prepared to quit your homes or commit suicide.  It is already happening in UK – which explains why BBC is deaf ears to Palestine, simple.

The great Hindu holocaust happened over centuries through which millions of Hindus were butchered, force-converted with Islam reaching the Indian shores from the Persian Gulf in the 7th century AD.

Mohammad Ghori invaded India for a record 16 times and lost every single time. He was pardoned every single time again by the Hindu king Prithvi Raj Chauhan who sent him back alive which was the gravest error he made.  The final 17th time, Ghori returned and with the help of his father-in-law killed the very same Hindu king who graciously and magnanimously pardoned him for 16 times and raided and looted the famous Somnath Temple, unleashing in his wake a cold blooded reign of terror. Hindu custom of hoarding golds and precious stones is not limited to our homes; our temples until today are veritable banks of treasure that will put World Bank and IMF to shame. Google Padmanabhaswamy Temple and Tirupathi Balaji temple to have an idea of what gold and hoarding gold means to Hindus. Islamic invaders mainly came to India learning about our riches. The same objective got the British later to Indian shores.

It is outright shameful and insulting that converts today are talking about Palestine without an iota of conscience about whose descendants they are or where they came from. Clearly these guys are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome – they get obsessed with the very sinister idea that turned them into what they are today. Muslims of Indian subcontinent are INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST PEOPLE who cannot even bring themselves to admit to what is their true ancestry and heritage. Now this is like not knowing or admitting who fathered you. How can you ever expect them to transform into knowledge society overnight. The very crucial basic criteria is missing in their ‘intelligentsia’ – the essential element of truth. Without that essence of credibility and integrity in them, how do we get to trust them. Do they view history unbiased the way we Hindus, the defiant survivors view it.

History they say is penned by the victors, the way we know it. But would the world stop to ask the vanquished their side of the story.

You see the pattern is familiar with all islamic states of the present which have had distinctive native culture before Islam vanquished them. These include Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt just to name a few. All these lands were glorious with arts and sciences flourishing until islam reached their shores.

What do you mean by ‘Hindukush’ really, the chain of mountains in Afghanistan/Pakistan?

Until the islamic barbarians reached Greater India, what was the state of India like?

India was a conglomerate of smaller kingdoms still the idea of ‘Bharat’ existed from time immemorial from what is today Afghanistan to the southern tip of the Indian peninsula Kanyakumari. India extended upto Tashkent,Taksha Khand in Sanskrit actually. It is the British-planted idea seconded by the Muslims that the former united us into one single entity which is untrue. Tamil Nadu, the land of the Dravidians, was as much Bharat as Uttar Pradesh and Kashmir in the north. Ram and Krishna and Shiva are as much part of our beliefs  as for north and even Buddhhism reached upto here from the north with Chola kings renouncing meat upon embracing Buddhism. A Hindu Pilgrimage started with Kashi/Varnashi in the north and ended with Rameshwaram in the south. The Shakthi-peets are spread all around Bharat including in today’s Pakistan and so do the ‘Shiva Stals.’ Which  is why Columbus to Vasco-da-Gama left in search of ‘India’ – a wholesome entity, not in clamour of finding a cluster of small, fragmented unruly kingdoms. The idea of India, the idea of Bharat is as old as human civilization.

The great Nalanda university of Nalanda was vandalized and reduced to ruins, ransacked in a heartwrenching manner by the islamic marauders:

Nalanda University is a single proof of what a knowledge-society Hindus/Buddhists were before some of them mixed with muslim blood from Arabia.

Who was Chanakya after all? An Afghan Brahmin! Look at the Afghan IQ levels now after generations of racial mixing with turks, arabs, mongols everyone. The Germans and Japanese are right, the more you lose your genetic advantage by compromise, the worst is the loss to humanity. Call me a racist, I don’t care.

It has taken centuries for us Hindus to break out of the jinx and rediscover our hidden potential.  We have just started with reclaiming our lost glory. It is the foremost duty of every single remaining Hindu to ensure that our great and unique Hindu gene pool is not further tainted and degenerated. After all what is Arab IQ. What is the value edition of arabs/turks to the world humanity/society at large except violence and blood shed and terror. What is there in the middle east except for oil and gas. Can you buy brains and intellect and poetry and art and genes with all those billions of gallons of oil and gas.

Before islam came to India, Aryabhatta had already invented the calculus, trigonometry and even the Pythogorus theorum. Sushrutha had performed world’s first plastic surgery. Bhaskara was the world’s first astronomer. And even Kamasutra, the world’s greatest and No.1 sex manual until today had been penned by Vatsayana. The Hindus had already given the world ‘the zero concept.’ There was no field untouched by great Hindu scholars.

This is the reason our earliest satellites were named after Aryabhatta and Bhaskara.

The ancient medicine system was Ayurveda, practised until today in India, the dances were Bharat Natyam and Kuchupidi and Odissi and Mohiniyattam etc, the music was Hindustani and Carnatic, the musical instruments were native and traditional like the Sitar and the Veena and the Mridangam for instance.  Art was at its best – living examples being the Ajanta and Ellora caves dating back to thousands of years. Hindu sculpture and architecture,one of the finest examples being Hampi  for instance, are never played up as much as the dour and monotonous and lifeless Moghul themes – you only have to take a tour of South India to discover what a great heritage we have. And about engineering marvel. The Tamil Chola king Karikala built the ‘Kallanai’ world’s first and documented dam against river Cauvery in 2nd century AD and the same stands good to the present. Tamil Grammar was penned in the 3rd century BC by Tholgappiyar.

Ancient Hindus were very cultured, advanced for their age but were too gentle to their own detriment.

Yoga and meditation are our heritage handed down over thousands of centuries, perfected and pracised for eons and thus Hindus had nothing but GOOD to give the world. Tell me one peaceful thing about Islam. What have the muslims given the world except headache and misery and bloody violence.

Even today we see around the world, whether it is UK or US, over 30% of doctors are of Indian origin.  Same with staff nurses. Even NASA scientists engineers are over 30% Indians. Every 10th billionaire in the Silicon Valley in USA is an INdian/Hindu. Hindus are life givers, not life takers. Wherever we go, we pledge our loyalty first. This is our culture, born and bred in the blood.  We live a useful life.

But what happened to us all in between the 7th century AD and the 17th century when the British occupied India?

India was culturally crushed, spirit broken. Hindus massacred, demoralized with women and homes taken over. See what is the Hindu story when the islamic invaders were running their terror reign in Delhi. Hindu progress was stalled, Hindu thinking was brutally snapped and Hindu creativity and brains stampeded upon.


Also Read:


Who were the Moghuls.  Only predecessors of today’s Taliban. India is victim of Islamic terrorism for centuries, rest of the world welcome to the reign of chilling terror! For the sins of ignoring Hindu agony, rest of the world, pay at leisure.

The moghul architecture and the moghul era literature/poetry are over-emphasized in Indian history over the Golden age of Guptas. India was a glorious and vibrant civilization with Emperors Ashoka and Kanishka and Chandragupta Maurya whose reign extended to most parts of south Asia in their times. The south remained relatively peaceful under the Vijayanagara Empire and Chola , Chera and Pandya dynasties about which our history books hardly speak a word.

What is Urdu really. A dialect, cross-breed of Persian and Sanskrit, sanskrit basically. Hindi is like the colloquial form of Sanskrit, the language of the Hindu gods. Hindi language still adopts the same script as Sanskrit, the same ‘libi.’ Urdu may sound romantic when infused with Persian, i have no idea sincerely because I can manage a smattering of Hindi and read and write Hindi but my grasp of fluent Urdu is minimal (except spoken). If anything, this is the only achievement of moghul era – Urdu language and literature. Other than Biryani and Korma that is. What else is there to gloat about other than perhaps miserable mausoleums celebrated with misplaced pride that is the Moghul hallmark. The pillars of the Qutub Minar are all pillars of the Hindu temple razed, so can our muslims take pride in such a vain and vandalized monument. What was the state of science and mathematics and arts in the same moghul period. A BIG ZERO. And first of all, how do you expect Hindus to ever have healthy respect or love for muslims in India? We still do, we try to because we are made that way: tolerant, compassionate by nature.

Indian/Hindu kings observed ‘needhi’ – a dharma (Manu Needhi Dharma) in even waging wars. Hindu kings never fought wars after sunset, never disturbed or hurt women and children and most of all would not touch the cattle which was main source of livelihood for many and especially for new-borns in the bygone centuries. The cow-worshiping culture continues until today in India – a cow is seen as the next mother because of the way she nourishes our infants. Seeing God in everything is again a Hindu practice. We see the good in everything, want reasons to celebrate everything.

So that is how Alexander the Great won over King Purushotham of Purushapura (today’s Peshawar) – he knew that Hindu kings wouldn’t violate the ‘dharma’ of war ever and played that up to his advantage.

The greatest ‘sati’ in Indian history was committed when Alauddin Khilji, the barbaric muslim invader defeated the Chitthor king to claim the throne. The Rajput queen Rani Padmini of Chithoor had posted sentries everywhere on her fort to get her the news of the battle. As soon as it became clear that the defeat was inevitable, the queen lit a big bonfire and some 14,000 Hindu women jumped into the funeral pyre and burned themselves alive UNWILLING TO be taken hostage by islamic invaders to be converted, and forced to bear their children. Hail Rani Padmini! It is because of the supreme sacrifice of those like her, that India today is still a Hindu majority country. If not for Chithor Rani Padmini, we will be having many more millions of muslims in the subcontinent today – just imagine the nightmare! Who wrote Rani Padmini’s heroic tale into anything?  It spread generation to generation by mere words.Just like the ‘Vedas’ and ‘Upanishads’ survived over 10,000 years of ancestry to be our Hindu heritage forever.

The selfless sacrifices of the 9th Sikh Guru, Guru Tegh BahadurThey say in India, the Sikhs are Hindus’ protectors, and they took up swords to defend Hindus and protect the rest of us from conversion so that we remain and live as Hindus until today. In short, the Sikhs stopped the spread of Islam in a big way with Punjab.

Dear Kashmiri converts, even after this you cannot see the truth, you will never see the truth:

Bow my head in respects to Sikh Gurus, and all Sikhs in general, who are our true saviours.

Kashmiri muslims and separatists of the present, you are today the handiwork of this monster called Aurangzeb. Just think of the sacrifices of your ancestors.


Ancient Hindu history will break your heart if anyone bothers to give it some thought. Let us not Hindus forget who we are and what we are. Hinduism is all encompassing, passive ideology but let that not make us weakest souls on earth. Let us forgive, but not forget. Let us co-exist but let us not compromise. We owe our individuality to the world benefit.

Taj Mahal: the true story

How many in the world will believe if we are to claim that even Taj Mahal was once perhaps a marble Shiva Temple. For one thing, there is no muslim monument in India or anywhere in the world bearing the name ‘Mahal’ which is a typical Hindu word given for palacial structures. Throw open the Taj to world renowned historians – let them lay bare the truth.

Every single Hindu temple was desecrated over which the muslims built mausoleums including the Babri Masjid – built by Babur for his boy love (they say). For the followers of Islam in India that destroyed the shrine of our Lord Ram, today we are paying out of our tax money to subsidize their Haj pilgrimage to Mecca. It is interesting to note that not a single self-respecting Indian muslim has come forward to refuse this subsidy by govt of India which is using the Kafir money so generously to appease the most violent and divisive population we have in India today.

Instead of worrying about our muslim youngsters joining hands with ISIS, our muslim brothers are shedding tears for Palestine.

So how many tweets did you donate to the number of radicals your nation spawned to join ISIS today, any guess anyone?

So let our media and Indian muslims stop this NONSENSE about Palestine and give a thought to local issues first. How do you expect us to trust you now. Where is your basic loyalty.

No disrespect to our converted brothers and sisters.  But all the same, don’t try to make India into another Arabia, we won’t take it this time around.

World Media: be responsible and don’t overdo Palestine. World has a reason to be wary of anything muslim. Set up your own house in order first before finger-pointing others. Or be ready to take Palestinians into your bosom.  Why is Pakistan NOT GIVING CITIZENSHIP TO PALESTINIANS. They must, for the buckets of crocodile tears they seem to shed.  How about pledging some millions of dollars prised out of the US by way of aid to Palestinian cause, dear Pakistanis. Why are the Arab neighbours hesitant to take in Palestinians. Rich Arab nations must be generous enough to take Palestinians into their fold and resettle them in their own provinces.

Biased South Asian Media: You have a moral right to comment upon Israel and Palestine when you have first expressed sympathies with the sorry state of Kashmiri Pundits and Sri Lankan Tamils in south Asia.

Indian text book writers: you may think you are neutral but there is a need to revisit history and revise the text books. How about adding a footnote under ‘Taj Mahal’ that soon as Shah Jehan completed the structure he chopped the fingers and maimed all the workers and artisans who built the Taj.  How about adding that Aurangzeb murdered his own blood brothers to ascend the Moghul throne, throwing his father into prison. It is essential that the world must know what happened here in India.  Indian youth have a right to know how Islam came to India and how it spread in India.

For a long time I resisted writing up this hate blog, but this Palestine obsession is getting to be too much with even some noted columnists and media persons so I thought its time they must be shown their place!!  We Hindus are a complacent lot and see what that has got us into.

Once again I reserve my respects for moderate muslims – but would insist upon them to brush up their history first. History for one thing does not start with 1947 or even with 7th century AD.  Indian or Ancient Hindu history is over 10,000 years old. It is easy to accuse that all that you may learn from internet/wikipedia need not have to be the essential truth. ‘Google’ is there for hardly how many years? But the story of Chithor Rani Padmini is something that my granny told me.  And she in turn was told the story by her granny. This is how the Hindu spirit was kept alive through tough times.

India is a secular democracy but as a Hindu, I would want every single Indian muslim to know and acknowledge how he/she came to be muslim in the first place. This is the only way forward, only way I can assuage myself into trusting the muslims of the subcontinent one hundred percent. The onus lies with every single Indian muslim to allay the inborn fears of us Hindus who have endured terror and agony for centuries that there exists this trust deficit in between us to this day. Pledge us your loyalty first. And everytime a muslim of the subcontinent identifies himself/herself with any Arab cause including Palestinian, the more alienated and betrayed and insecure we Hindus feel that we want them outOne more word on Palestine, south Asian media – i suggest you take the first flight out there and do the reporting from Ground Zero. 


Watch this interesting You Tube Video, a speech by Dr. Subramanyam Swamy:


This blogpost might sound like a hate blog at the outset, but in truth this is a mere gross documentation of actual and factual Indian/Hindu history.

Hindu society has to change. Arya Samaj helps in conversion back to Hinduism yet it is not a force to reckon with. Conversion back to Hinduism by people of ethnic Indian origin must be mooted and given top priority.

Respect Arabs, they are far better than the muslims in the Indian subcontinent who seem to be overzealous about their islamic identity trying to hijack the ideology from Saudi looks like.


Post subject to revision.

I am not a historian or qualified academic, only an interested party. Our text books are curiously blank when it comes to Indian history on certain important issues. I for one thing strongly feel that truth has to be told in black & white and we must leave it to our youngsters to judge for themselves on anything from history. I wish Indian govt stops glorifying the Moghul era and starts playing up the lost and tarnished Hindu culture and history in a more neutral manner.  I am not asking our policy makers and planners to exaggerate or spin tales – but give us the truth. Our children have a right to know their bloody past.





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