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August 8, 2014


Its not that none cares for Palestinian children in India. Children are children wherever they are, whoever they are. It is just that sometimes we block certain unpleasant memories from our mind to maintain our equilibrium. Modi still voted against Israel in UN. Nevetheless Israel will continue to be India’s best and most trusted ally under all circumstances. History has NOT been kind to India. The dramatic rise in violent muslim population is shaking the conscience of the majority hindus, giving us a very insecure feeling. Basic muslim loyalty is under scanner. Our experience has not been good in this area. Winning someone’s trust is not so easy as losing it.

Nations have priorities too, like individuals. Nations have to think ahead by 100 years if not 200, right? So what will independent Palestine or destruction of Israel mean to India. This means, one more hostile Arab state willing to conspire with Af-Pak bent on bleeding and brutalizing India, decimating Hindus and establishing an islamic empire (plus a dependable-friend lost). A long shot? Nope, possible. Hindus have paid a very high price and are paying so until now. Modi’s vote is for appeasing the arab states with whom we share vested interests – our PM is a shrewd Gujarati baniya first. Our one vote will hardly sway anything, will it. May be this is what we call ‘Chanakya Tantra?!’ Palestinians can exercise the option of migrating to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, why not. Kashmiri Pandits have done precisely that – giving up their homes.


Palestinians, c’mon you need not have to put up with this horror! Migrate! Just ask Kashmiri Pandits! Wonder why none of them is seeking asylum in Saudi/Pak/UAE/Kuwait – or are they turned away at doors. Dear arab/islamic nations, instead of donating tweets and sympathies, take Palestinians in, share with them your home and hearth. Float a trust fund/moot an ‘aid.’ Give Palestinians dual citizenship – just in case one day they want to return to a ‘free and safe Gaza.’ Earmark for them reservation quotas in your elite educational institutions and employment market.This is the only way you can help, right? Marry Palestinians (now that some of you cannot marry Saudis 🙂 )Please also include Syrians in the bracket if you can, they too need asylum and serious help – and your kindness. Or is it that when muslims kill muslims you have no problem? Like you have no issues with muslims killing non-muslims. You get incensed only when non-muslims kill muslims?

Lip service only?! ‘Ettu suraikkai karikku udavaadhu!’ we say in Tamil. Which means you cannot make curry of the ‘lauki’ picture in the text book and eat it. If I were Palestinian, I would rather side with Israel.

PRIORITIZE: India’s priority is India first,  not Palestine or Arab cause. We need to justify our stand to none. Vote or no vote in UN. Self-preservation is top priority, there can be no shame or guilt about this. Palestine does not figure even in the bottom of our list of priorities.

Or still better, India will do whatever in her capacity to ‘undo’ islamic/arab nations 🙂  (hope so 🙂 )


So what is your family song?!

This is our family song from “Lion King.’ My son was homeschooling under me when we lived in Malaysia. Schooling there started by 7 years only. Whereas in India, KG is by 3 years, primary school starts by 5 years. By 6 years, a child will be in class 2, able to read and write complete sentences in English, Hindi/Tamil and do basic arithmatic like addition,subtraction. So I taught my son at home from KG to class 2 in Malaysia, unwilling to put him through international school that was 30 kmafar where anyway they taught mostly to dance and sing and swim over a,b,c. I took CBSE books from India, and in 1999, we got our first ever PC that became our blackboard.

How many pictures I have seen with him over a hundred times in this 4 year period. Infinite times the many episodes of Tom & Jerry (old edition), Lion King, The Buglife, so many dinosaur pictures etc etc. Have many home videos of that time. We had these ‘pasar malams’ or night markets, a weekly affair, in Malaysia, in every village and town. This is where we got our education CDs from and cute pix to watch.

Recently ‘Lion King’ was on tv on a sunday and I was watching it. Surprisingly my son who heard it, came down and sat by my side. Like adult men, he talks less these days. Both of us saw the whole pic together after many, many years. Frame by frame, word by word we have it by heart.

Simply love this number ‘Hakuna Matata’ ”

Like its our family song. Like if we get lost or separated in a crowd or whatever, we can always reunite one fine day with this song. Everyone of us must have a ‘family song’ like in ‘Yaadon ki baraat’ lolz 🙂

I love the philosophy the song preaches. Its a great truth.


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