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Tamil Karaoke on a lazy sunday :-)

August 10, 2014

All working people look out for sundays but all housewives go crazy on sundays because it is on working days we are busy. Sundays work gets over too very soon so left with too much time on hands. My husband’s friend sent me this karaoke link and asked me to sing to  myself – he is doing just that sitting alone by himself right now 🙂 Half an year he spends in Scandinavian countries designing static offshore oil drilling platforms. So music gives him a great respite in these long lonely months.

Son said ‘shut up’ or else he will go out. For once he is at home busy with books (yes studying). To think that my son wants the same steel structure designs for masters is already driving me crazy.


To spice up an otherwise boring sunday, listening to these other scintillating numbers now & then.

Love the pic ‘Vinnai thaandi varuvaaya’  (VTV)(will u drop down from the skies). Music by ARR, director is my favourite Gautam Menon even if he copies from hollywood.

The song ‘Aromale’ is my No.1 favourite for last 5 years – no other number can take its place. My favourite actress is Trisha and love her so much in this film/song.

The unbeatable VTV title song oozing with emotion & sensuality. What a voice (of Karthik) and what verse!

One of the best-made romances in tamil in recent times. Sucked when remade in hindi (total flop).

All the numbers are great but I’m changing tack now and moving over to actor Surya. He is the best of date in tamil film industry. After Madhavan that is.

Surya and Jyothika driving in ECR : thrilling one from Harris Jayaraj. Love jeep driving. Ours was suzuki in Malaysia. Now its ‘Prado.’ So really miss the tall cars in Chennai. the road view is great from SUVs. ECR is totally in shambles now still its the most romantic get-away for us Chennaiites (who drive every week all the way to Puducherry (aka Pondicherry) about 150 km away where liquor is duty-free).

Love all our office cars equally. We spend more time in office cars than in our own. Loved the Malaysian highway drives the best. But seriously i am an ‘auto rickshaw’ wali hahaha. No husband or son gives me such a comfortable city ride like my autowallah does 🙂 All the songs in this post are already copied into bollywood i guess 🙂 (awfully that is!) Love Jyothika’s short kurti – my regular attire 🙂 I think we girls started our affair with kurtis around this time- some 10-12 years back. One of Gautam Menon’s best films is this ‘Kaakka, Kaakka’ (protect, protect). I think this is also redone in hindi, not sure.

Do have some great videos of Malaysian highways – especially the Penang bridge drive, North South Expressway, and of that curve of mountains forming border between Malaysia & Thailand with the criss-crossing elephant corridors. How young we look in those times. Yeah some 15 years younger 🙂

Super-sensual one with Surya-jyothika who married after the film’s release and are now proud parents of 2 kids:

Bollywood guys make pictures/songs that are sensual, not vulgar and distasteful

‘Mozhi’ (language) where Jyothika plays a speech & hearing impaired girl. Superb film, and beautiful sensitive song. Prithvi Raj is another unlucky here who I like.

Prithvi Raj in real rain song:

Can’t do without Maddy: Wanted to add his song ‘snehidhane snehidhane’ (tamil original of ‘saathiya’) my No.1 choice, but resisting the temptation and adding this one instead:

Madhavan’s first ever tamil/hindi picture. LOve him – he is so natural but so unlucky both in tamil & hindi film industry. Pakka tamil who usually plays the regular tamil guy next door character. Yeah a vegetarian at all costs he claims. Kudos!

Malaysia – heaven on earth so far as I am concerned. Happiest time of my life. Some great Maddy tamil films and those in hindi like ‘kuch kuch hota hai’ and ‘Dil se’ got released there in cinemas. Rajni Kanth films & SRK pictures would run to packed houses.

What a lazy, boring sundaY !


Too much of internet today so staying offline whole day tomorrow. Trying.

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