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Beautiful Independence Day Blog

August 14, 2014

Just read this and sharing here. Unlimited tolerance must lead to disappearance of tolerance – so this is the essential truth.


I therefore, the citizen of India, reserve the right NOT to tolerate the intolerant.

Updated 15th Aug

Happy Independence Day to all!

What a man, what a speech. Still reeling under the Namo effect. Last time an Indian PM made such a bold, brisk and confident stride to the podium was in my school days. Indira Gandhi, the unforgettable. Too bad, she was assassinated when i was in class 11, so never got to see her in full flow. I see the same Indira streak of mental strength in Modi. Ironic that the Nehru-Gandhi clan is weak whereas its BJP’s Modi who has inherited the Iron Lady’s spirit. The nation has waited for 68 laaaaaaang years for this ‘Mahapurush’ to march to Delhi to hoist our national flag. Aam Aadmi Modi.

Peace & prosperity to all! Modiji, we have sound sleep today because we know we have you in charge. That sense of security, we Indians have lacked for decades. Thanks for giving us back our self-esteem, if not anything else. We the citizens of India have redeemed ourselves with you.

100 days in office: oh what a glorious start with rebuilding bridges with Bhutan, Nepal checking their Chinese leaning, interacting with the BRICS countries and laying foundations for the formation of BRICS BANK, taking an unflinching stance in the WTO just to name a couple. Modi has not yet flashed schemes that would be obvious to the whole world at a glance. His is mainly spadework the results of which will take a laaaang time to bear fruits.

I wish Shri Narendra Modiji, PM of India, Dheergh Aayush!  Wishing India the brightest future. Let our monsoons be on time, let our ‘bhumi’ yield her best and let our harvests be bountiful, let all our children go to school, let everyone of our men be gainfully employed and let every home brim with health & happiness & wealth. When each of us will do our onerous duty to the ditto, the nation can take care of itself.

‘Do your duty and leave the rest to God’ says Lord Krishna in ‘Bhagvad Gita’ in ‘Mahabharat.’






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