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Sri Krishna Janmashtami

August 17, 2014

Sri Krishna Jayanthi/Sri Krishna Janmashtami/Gokulashtami special.

I got goodies from my favourite mithai shop for the occasion. Because we are just 2 of us here. Just got lazy. Getting busy in other matters which is also a reason.

Apart from this, offerings for Lord Krishna include ghee, butter, curds (dahi), poha, fruits etc. But the Krishna of my house (my son) did not bother to stay for pooja and is busy with friends and his ‘radhas’ (girl friends) as well. Has promised to come home for dinner. Has sworn not to touch non-veg today.

My prayers for this day: Let every home have a sweet, healthy and happy Krishna always. And if possible, many many more hahaha! Children are our wealth, what else. If India is not a one billion nation, I would have gone ahead with atleast 4-5 kids seriously!

In our homes usually, we used to make our little boys/girls (when they are toddlers)  dip their feet into wet rice floor and walk them from the rangoli drawn in the doors/gates to the pooja room, step by step, printing white footsteps all through our homes. Little baby Krishna’s footsteps. I used to make my son do it until he crossed 5 years. We must be lucky to have these good signs in life. Hmm.. missing this kind of fun these days. My granny used to make tins & tins of all these goodies then for Janmashtami at home.Everything stopped with my mother.. Janmashtami is big thing in the north with ‘dahi handi’ and all that.

A Tanjore Painting of baby Krishna eating butter here: pretty picture of fertility, happiness and innocence. Hand-drawn in large size & framed in solid teak with gold filigree work.


Festivals have meaning though only when the family is together. This time, will be bringing home Ganesha as family after many years. The way it must be.


This is the picture of a muslim woman returning home in Varanasi, with her children dressed as Krishna and Radha (after Janmashtami celebrations in school). (No compulsion but children can go to school like Krishna for Janmashtami throughout India. Since today is sunday, most schools had the Janmashtami day on sat/friday. Its so much fun. Where is religion here.)

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