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Would miss Blackmagic/Voodoo for 15 days?!

August 19, 2014

So would I be free of or kind of miss blackmagic & voodoo called ‘internet’ for some 15 days (atleast) (starting soon) lolz.?! Will sanity return and will the spell cast by any evil ‘tantrik’ be breached & broken?!

Mental Imposition I am giving myself everyday:

Hello I am 40+, in few more years will hit half century

I am a wife & a mother and a bahu, If my son should be daughter, he/she will be ready for marriage right now. If its a daughter indeed, I would be getting her married in a couple of years, expecting to become a grandmother by 50. So that’s where i am at this point of life.

I have a strong mind and can pooh-pooh the distractions barraging in my courtyard (read mind). Lolz.  Oh this ‘internet’ is such a big distraction! Any over-the-counter pill for obsessive behaviour?!

I want to give my family my hundred percent in the days to come. They deserve nothing less… Everyone goes through middle-age crisis, not just me. No charm will work (h0pefully for 2 weeks). Staying off ‘internet’ can’t be that tough. Why can’t I just switch off the modem so the crisis solves itself. Ban wifi.

Signing off with this beautiful sensitive song for now. No Mantra & Tantra will work for one fortnight from very soon….

Its difficult for outsiders to catch the essence of this composition which is heavily borrowed from Sangam Thamizh literature. Those of us who have grown up reading ancient tamil works older by over 2,000 years can get it but guess this could still make sense to those with a literary mind. Dedicating this one to all creative people with igniting minds 🙂 Music by A R Rahman.  Adapting the fiery Sangam literature material to contemporary times is genius of the lyricist Vairamuthu.


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