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‘Art of Living’ Guinness Record of 2000 vocalists rendering Classical…

September 7, 2014

What a ‘Punya Bhumi’ my Bharat is?

Note: I am not a follower of ‘Art of Living’ or Shri Shri Ravishankar, but I like to draw something positive from all things good. If I can say this, I would ask shri Ravishankar ji to keep off from politics.

Listening to this now:

With Shankar Mahadevan:

String Sitarists:

Veena world record:

‘Vande Mataram’ recited by over 2750 vocalitst:

India is home to many traditional dance froms – the Bharat Natyam from Tamil Nadu, ‘Mohini Attam’ from Kerala, ‘Kuchipidi’ from Andhra Pradesh, ‘Odissi’ from Odissha (formally Orissa), ‘Manipuri’ from Manipur, ‘Kathak’ from northern India. Here is a world record ‘Mohini Aattam’ to the traditional drum beats of Kerala:

Will add more shortly as I keep listening.

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