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ROFL: ‘Eye to Eye’ by Taher Shah

September 10, 2014

OMG watched this one more than twice already! ROFL !!!

How to waste a  potentially good verse – the phrase is so powerful and could have been put to use like in beautiful poetry for instance…

This is a guy or a girl lolz. Is he wearing bell bottoms, man … hate it! Hate Rishi Kapoor, Kamal Hassan & Rajni Kanth even Amitabh Bachchan in late ’70s wearing that stuff! Thank God it got out of fashion. I keep asking my hubby whether he ever wore the bells way back then. He swears he never did – in ’70s he says he was still a young lad going around in shorts and then moved over to jeans straight away. Otherwise wouldn’t have married him!!!

Have this habit of laughing randomly when I step out, remembering something. From my subconscious always pops out funny things at most inopportune moments – like a tv channel logo popping out of your screen every now & then! Have full day’s outside work tomorrow. Hope I don’t keep bursting out laughing – OMG this face will become unforgettable i know lolz sigh. Is this one from the land of ‘Junoon’ my favourite band.

Lol I am forgetting what it means to be sensual! Third time I can’t … stopping now ROFL, my son alarmed is rushing to my room to see what is wrong!!!

Made my day!

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