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Nenju Porukkudhillaiyae… (my heart cannot bear…)

September 27, 2014

‘Shell-shocked’ is the word.


Unbearable is the news of Jayalalitha Jayaram being convicted in the DA case in Banglore special courts today. Yes, the whole day I was propped up in the couch in front of my tv totally dazed. My friend and her daughter came home for ‘Navrathri.’ So I forced myself to cook for them. That distracted me partially. My friend came home because she said she too wanted a change. My usually chatty MIL who is bent on taking my opposite side always remained subdued too. My aunt called up and she almost wept into the phone. My husband called and I did not talk to him properly. He hung up after trying to cheer me up but not before asking me to play it low in the social media. Typically he advised, ‘you are not authority in anything, don’t invite problems.’ As such he does not know I am also tweeting these days. He doesn’t care about my blog but keeps warning me he doesn’t want trouble (like legal notice for instance).

People, before you wag your tongue about JJ, here are some of the facts about her you must remind yourselves of:

1. JJ attended Churchpark Presentation convent which was attended by the cremiest in our society, and she was school/state topper in her batch. So she was there already, upper middle-class far and above all of us. Try getting your daughter into the school even today, you will know your level.

2. JJ is the daughter of leading actor Sandhya who is no more who was reigning queen of silver screen of her own times (in Tamil cinema). Sandhya was reportedly paramour of Mysore Maharajah himself. Sandhya thus was extremely well off and hence its not a surprise that JJ attended a posh convent.  JJ was born with silverspoon. She is not a ‘rags to riches’ story like Karunanidhi who has barber family background.

3. JJ was also a Bharat Natyam classical dance exponent. Her ‘arangetram’ at the age of 16 years was held in RR Sabha in Mylapore and my granny used to talk about that all her life. She used to say, JJ looked like a golden idol in those days. The dance recital was headline news in local papers in those days.She was lot popular in the state as daughter of Sandhya and as a bright, talented teenager and classical dancer even before she entered film industry.

4. JJ was a No.1 heroine in her times – she was one of the richest by her own means. Her inheritance from her mother was also immense. Her Poes Garden bungalow is actually her mother’s. Her house alone will be easily valued over 100 crores today.

5. The cost/value of a 3-bedroom apartment in downtown Chennai as of present is 2.5 crore-4 crore. By this standard we are all crorepathis today. Who are you kidding by declaring that JJ cheated to tune of 66 crore even if it was in 1996. She owned much more than all that even in ”70s and ’80s. This DA term itself is such a cruel joke. People of Tamil Nadu know. Just like we all knew and were mute witnesses to Rajiv case.

6. JJ owned grape vine yards, bungalows, farmlands, holiday cottages etc etc even before she entered politics. Bequeathed to her partly by her mother. Mostly all of this she also earned and bought when she was top star of Tamil cinema by her own means. Her grape orchards near Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh used to be very famous. She has acted opposite MGR (who later became CM and whose prodigy she is actually), Shivaji and Gemini Ganesan (father of hindi actress Rekha) among other leading heroes of her time. For almost 15 years, she ruled the roost.

Such a shame that vendetta politics has come to inflict so much damage for us in Tamil Nadu today. JJ is the best administrator the state has ever seen. Law & order is pakka in her period always. Least corruption. She is very sharp, can talk eye to eye, face to face be it with Arnold Schwarzeneggar or Bill Gates or even Obama. Her confidence level is good. She is intelligent, no-nonsense material. TN is being unnecessarily denied of a very good CM who has the ability to change our lives for the better.

Indian men/media and vendetta politicians, you must hang your heads in shame for doing this to Tamil Nadu, for disturbing our equilibrium, for spoiling our peace of mind. We voted overwhelmingly for JJ’s AIADMK in last state elections and in recent Lok Sabha elections because we trusted her, does that mean anything to you at all? JJ gives us a sense of security that none has managed to give us in TN in all decades gone by.

Those who swindled lakhs of crores of rupees like Raja and Kanimozhi and Robert Vadra and Sonia Gandhi are roaming free.  You are apprehending someone who worked all her life, whose natural inheritance through her parents would put you to shame and who in her own time became a billionaire by her own right, without verifying an iota about her? Just what is 66 crore to JJ really. Peanuts compared to what she has already.

Goddess Lalitha be with you JJ, let Mother give you the physical and mental strength you may need at this hour. To my knowledge, every single decent Tamil in Chennai is weeping for you, unable to bear the news. Because we know the masterminds of Rajiv Gandhi assassination case are roaming free, desh drohis are roaming free, stock exchange schemers are roaming free, scamsters are roaming free, those like Sanjay Dutt are enjoying life, terrorists get utmost sympathy – but someone like you could face a jail term only because you stood up to men. After all for 66 crores you have been done in.

Shameless Indian media: without an iota of knowledge about JJ, you guys are giving us lectures. No politician is 100% clean. Or show me one who is.

I recall the comments in tamil magazines etc that have been nasty to her for years referring to her star life. I am with JJ. I am not bothered about her private life. She is entitled to have had as many lovers if that is what she wanted, just in case. Men, keep your own dharam patnis behind their veils who cares. Sic bast***ds,  The only manner you can ever get up to a woman is through character assassination, what else.

Black day in TN history. If 66 crore can bring down a good woman, then over 110% all Indian politicians must be hanged to death. Who is not corrupt in India today? I paid capitation to get my son into the right school too.

We friends were working out our own assets. If you have 3 independent houses (and not apartments) in Chennai, then you are easily worth over 100 crores today. So who are you kidding. Go after Sonia, Vadra, KK, Stalin, Raja, Kanimozhi okay?

Respect the court verdict. Still this is a very harsh judgement. I would welcome it if the same yardstick is used to measure (as I said) Sonia Gandhi, Robert Vadera, Rahul Gandhi. all congress netas for that matter including Chidambaram and son, DMK men like Karunanidhi and his many wives and families , the Maran brothers etc. My heart goes out to JJ.

Finally I even fear for JJ’s safety and security in the jail.

TN will never be the same again without JJ. We the state people were looking for another 10 years from JJ minimum.




I am getting feedback from middle-east from Indian community from many states. Especially Kerala people who refused to have JJ’s case in their courts. In fact JJ locked horns with Kerala govt over Mullaiperiyar Dam issue. Yet she is most beloved and respected by Kerala people. NONE IS HAPPY WITH THE VERDICT BELIEVE ME. We mix with various state people in Qatar. They would all like to have JJ for CM for their state. Everyone says JJ is still so naive and not experienced enough to have learned the ‘chanakya tantra’ in politics like the old man KK has since long done. JJ made powerful enemies to her detriment, did not probably take the case seriously enough. Also she is too headstrong, wouldn’t take advice.

Still all this is not reason enough to convict someone like her for peanuts. Vendetta politicians – can you survive even for a single day in a CM chair.

I am asking a single question here. If there is going to be so much noise for 66 crore, what can you expect for 1,700+ lakhs of crores (note crores in lakhs) AND CHIEFLY WHEN.  What about the swiss bank accounts from Delhi to Chennai.



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