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Some South Asian Journos suffer from ‘Selective Amnesia.’

September 28, 2014

The so-called secular liberal social democrats of South Asia are quiet now. After tweeting volumes and volumes on Israelis. Not surprised.

Did they raise their voice against ‘Boko Haram’ in Nigeria, the islamic militant outfit that kidnapped school girls to serve as their sex slaves.

Did they raise their voice against chemical weapons use in Syria. Or on Syrian rebels.

Why must they bother when Yazidi men and boys are butchered by islamic miliants and their girls raped.

The intriguing Yazidi connection:

So what is their take now on ISIS beheading western journalists. Atleast as someone of the same profession, one must feel emotional – but is there a clue? 

Such a shame. Not a word of condemnation, protest, disbelief, outrage nothing. No editorial, no blog post, no line of thought whatsoever. But what is the point in anticipating anything after the world saw what happened to Daniel Pearl in this part of the globe. After keeping mum where all it suits them, what moral right/ethics do these media guys have to go on nonstop about Israel.

So long as ‘the faithful’ butcher ‘the infidels’, our guys have no issues. They perk up the moment when the same kafirs’ shadows fall on their fellow brethren. Islamic justice. Guys do you even know the meaning of the word ‘ethnic cleansing.’ Its not jews who are ethnic cleansing palestinian arabs, its your arabs ethnic cleansing yazidis in Iraq, your own kith and kin ethnic cleansing hindus in Pakistan, fellow egyptians killing christians in Egypt, syrians killing syrians, kashmiri muslims ethnic cleansing the native Hindus off the valley.

From endorsing international hardcore terrorists and criminal masterminds in direct fashion to hanging out their conscience in coat rack when it comes to issues that really matter, ‘our guys’ are very ‘smart’ feigning ‘selective amnesia’ addressing ‘only’ what is trivial in nature that need no further elucidation, leaving out matters that need a real pat-down cleverly out of focus. Lifafa journalists or what?! Why are our neighbours a mess today. This will be THE reality wherever ‘adharma’ raises its ugly head, heartily fed and nourished by the intelligentsia of the society who abstain from weighing truth against the evil to give any impartial judgement. I would largely lay the blame at the editor’s desk over the general’s door. Because good scribes, clear thinking and neutral and unbiased, are a nation’s last ray of hope. Omission is far worse a crime than disinformation. What you have left ‘undone’ sometimes may come to define you, undo you, over what you have ‘done.’

If and when and where the ilk of Hafiz Sayeds and Dawood Ibrahims get legal sanction/endorsement from such men of immense responsibility in whose shoulders rests the crushing burden of a nation’s collective conscience in need of gentle tendering and moulding, it means the cancer is making its way to the core heart of that society. The blood stream is poisoned all the way and there is not much left to stay.  The least the journos can do is refrain from glorifying or sanctifying shady elements. Where you have to say no, say a big ‘NO’ loud and clear for the whole world to see.




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