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“Traffic Ramaswamy’ and Certain Other ‘Swamis’ of Good Old Madras :)

October 21, 2014

Dr. Subramanyam Swamy’s penchant and addiction to filing non-stop PILs against VIPs and politicians both at state (Tamil Nadu) level and All-India level is world renowned.

The other Swamy of Chennai not known to the outside world is none other than our famous ‘Traffic Ramaswamy.’ A septuagenarian, Traffic Ramaswamy owes his prefix/title to the countless litigations he has filed in Madras High Court in connection with traffic regulation in the city.

‘One Man Army’ Mr. Ramaswamy’s interests also include other civic administration areas like illegal contruction/squatting and petty politics. So much so that irritated with the volley of papers he keeps filing in the courts day in and day out, the High court slapped him with a fine for frivolous petitions that wasted precious court hours. Looks like Ramaswamy’s family has also reportedly disowned him – absolutely understandable hahaha!

One is also reminded of R K Narayan’s Swamy in this context!!!

Looks like if you are a ‘Swamy’ – minding others’ business becomes your main business.

When I think of Dr.Subramanyam Swamy who is a Harvard graduate, I think of how constructively such a brain can be used for productive purposes. True, we need someone like him to show us the colours of those like Robert Vadra, A Raja etc but pursuing a case against Amma- JJ for over 18 years does not go down well with those like me. Small fry. What is after all 66 crores of rupees. Waste of time and energy in my opinion. If sensationalism is what you want, you have it.

Another wasted brain is our Shashi Tharoor. No comments – waiting for his conviction and sentencing shortly (and hopefully).

Perverted brains are more of a worry than unthinking brains. This woman Barkha Dutt looks like a cheap sl*t to me. Women who conspire, trick, do dirty business – what should we call them. Female equivalent of ‘pimp.’

Gifted brains overworking on subversive mission is a troubling thought.

But it is unfair to compare our local hero ‘traffic Ramaswamy’ with these lowly characters (who are no Swamis incidentally) I know. He is a selfless man dedicated to making our city a better place to live in.

Traffic Ramaswamy is also on You Tube and Facebook. I have just liked him 🙂

But there is no prize for guessing which Swamy I like the best of all; its none other than our hero Arvind Swamy !!! He is one Swamy who truly minds his own business (being an industrialist i guess) and keeps a low profile.

Had the ultimate satisfaction of mailing back my hubby a pretty picture of Ash along with that of Arvind Swamy 🙂 No reply from the other end 🙂

Don’t know which genius did this photoshop work but serves all Indian husbands right!!! ROFL !!!!!




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