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The Hindu Holocaust The World Would Rather Not Talk About. – Part II : Nations and their Karma

October 26, 2014


As much as I am a secularist, I am an ardent Hindu at the same time whose heart bleeds when I encounter bitter truths from History. No need for any more words.

I want to think the best of everyone. I want to give the best of myself to everyone.I want to forget what has happened to this nation, to my people over centuries… That’s because I am a Hindu and basically we are the kind of folks who cannot even bear to see animals and birds slaughtered in front of our eyes… we are no good getting offensive, and we are poor in the defensive… My heart goes out to fellow Hindus…

And I pity all converts from Hindus over centuries, SOME WITH NOT EVEN THEIR SURNAMES CHANGED (that goes on to prove how reluctant their ancestors must have been about conversion)….

Why are Islamic nations in such a turmoil today. As a believer in Karma I can tell you this: they have blood in their hands, madness in their mind, what else. Personally i don’t think anyone including Afghanistan or Pakistan will ever get better. They are doomed – believe me, even Nations have Karma. The Af-Pak soil is smeared, soaked in Hindu blood  – and do you think it can all just be banished like magic overnight.

There is frequent accusation in the gulf, why Hindus are then working in middle-east. Let me tell you this. Arabs were sea-faring bandits for centuries if not nomadic people (bedouins) leading a barbaric way of life until very recently. Today we Hindus live and work around the world, we add value to the foreign nations wherever we earn our bread from. We are not on looting spree or raping spree or on conversion spree. We are paid much below prevailing market rates for our services. And what we earn from middle-east is petty change compared to what the muslims/arabs/turks have taken from us, looted from us. You see the deterioration of UK in last 20 years. This is another Karma repayment. My friend who visited UK said, she felt better seeing the Brits living off welfare there whereas Indians were prospering.

By the same logic, why should muslims be allowed to migrate to the west. You see what is happening in Canada today, a safe heaven for international terrorists. Canada deserves. Canada has always been playing a double game when it came to dealing with islamic terrorism. We know from experience how they treated the Air India Kanishka bombing case – Canada and UK could already be on their way to becoming No.1 & 2 islamic terrorist nations of the world in another 20-30 years.

In Canada’s case, they harbour terrorists in the name of upholding of individual freedom. Now reap what you have sowed Canada! Wish you many more happy returns, for the happy breeding ground and sanctuary you are for dreaded terrorists.

I thank a zillion times my ancestors for having NOT CONVERTED TO ISLAM or even CHRISTIANITY. Under any kind of duress. Or for bribe. So that now, there is no necessity for me to justify my faith quoting from the Koran or the Bible. Gita or Veda, is truly mine. Mine. Period.

Every converted Muslim in the Indian subcontinent, hang your head in shame! You have become what your forefathers never wanted you to be, defeating the purpose they laid down their lives for ….

Every islamic nation in south Asia/Asia – your Karma is Bad Karma.

One simply cannot turn back the clock I know still our Karma is like our shadow – be us individuals or nations. And in any case our Karma will follow us to eternity.


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Air India Kanishka bombing:

One of the air-hostesses in the flight was Susheela, my school senior and former SPL.  She was also the school topper and a beauty queen. In a family of Udipi (Tulu speaking 0f Aishwarya Rai’s caste) brahmins of 4 sisters, being the eldest child/daughter, when Susheela landed the job, the entire lower middle-class neighbourhood in Mylapore erupted in celebration. It was a compound wholly inhabited by Tulu people. And its rare for someone from such a humble background to be picked for serving as ‘air hostess.’ In those days it was a feat. Her untimely demise shattered, devastated their entire family. Ofcourse now Susheela is like a forgotten memory, sadly… and to think of the kind of girl she used to be ….

My school also mourned Susheela’s tragic demise officially – we had a prayer meeting for her. All teachers and students remembered her so fondly. She was a very popular student.

Looks like ‘Susheelas’ are not born with a good lifeline-destiny. My mother’s name is also Susheela. Yeah from same school.


Finally, why should the truth not be told in our text books.

History they say is penned by the victors.

Truth is the other side of the story, pourings from the heart of the ravaged.

How can explaining the truth in our text books amount to saffronization or communalizing of our school syllabus.

Our children need to know the truth. It is their birthright.


Modi & RSS  & BJP are defenders or offenders?

Its a relief there is RSS, there is BJP in India today. Who are the cancer to be routed out are Zakir Naik and Owaisi brothers.

None can love Mother India the way a Hindu soul can. We call her ‘Bharat Mata’ – we equate her with the very Shakthi.

This is how much we love this nation of ours, this Hindu nation of ours.

Everyone has a right to live in this country – but I hope every muslim and christian in this subcontinent feels ashamed for what they have come to symbolize, for what they have become and what they stand for.

Everytime I read Hindu history, I feel my heart torn.

Truly this is my sunday spoiler.

Outside, we have awesome mausam. Set milestones accomplished in last 2 weeks. I am supposed to be in upbeat mood. But needlessly i have got my day ruined with this reading. Now i can’t concentrate on anything else.

I am thinking of the eras gone by, of the sacrifices of my forefathers… to what they were reduced…

Going to make a masala chai and try forgetting this sordid history of my nation….


Well, who argues our case for us? Hindus, pariahs of the world – left with none to defend, except perhaps the Jews. May be because both of us face extinction.

Reading ancient Hindu history is very traumatic – everytime i read it. Want to stay away but I can’t. This is self-inflicted pain.


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