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Capsicum Bath (Spicy Capsicum Rice) (Aromatic Bell Pepper Rice)

November 7, 2014

(Aromatic Bell Pepper/Capsicum Rice) (Kudamilagai Saadham in Tamil)

Capsicum is rich in anti-oxidants. Just google Bell Pepper and you will be amazed to know how good this is for you over all!

Capsicum need not be had only in pizzas.  Taking it this way is USELESS! There are many healthy ways to include this yummy vegetable in our daily food.  And one great way is by way of making a flavoured rice with the capsicum.

If possible we can add red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper as well in this rice. But i have limited this recipe to mere green capsicum. One reason is, this looks like capsicum season in the city so I make most of whichever vegetable sells cheap and abundant.


Capsicum/Bell Pepper – green – 500 gms (or more if you wish!) (if the prices are okay, i go for an eclectic mix of red bell pepper,green bell pepper and yellow bell pepper – then the rice is quite a sight!)

Onion – one

Tomato – 1

Ginger – a slash

Garlic – a few pods

Green chili – 4-5

Cashew nuts – 1 tbs (broken)

Oil – 1 tbs

Basmati rice – 4 cups (to serve 4-5 people)

Spice mix (self made – will illustrate how to make it) (or use 3 tsp red chili powder and 3 tsp of dhania/coriander powder alternatively)

Turmeric powder a pinch



Bay leaf -1. clove – 1 or 2, Saunf (fennel seeds)- 1 tsp, Cardomom -1 crushed, Cinnamon stick – 1


For the Spice Mix:


8-10-12 dry Red chili

1 tbsp – tuar dal or lentil

1 tbsp – coriander seeds or dhania seeds

1 tbsp – cumin seeds or jeera

Roast all the 4 ingredients and dry grind to coarse powder. Now this is a fresh and heady spice mix that can be used in any curry/rice/bath. I make a larger quantity and always store it in air-tight container. Very good aroma.

Otherwise can be substituted with regular red chilli powder & dhania (coriander seeds) powder – each 3 tsp.


1. Rinse well the Basmati rice in running water and soak for upto 30 min. Drain and keep aside. Heat a wok/kadai and on low flame stir-fry the rice for a few minutes. Switch off and leave the rice in the hot shallow pan for a little longer. When it cools, transfer the rice into the rice cooker. Add water in the ratio – rice: water = 1: 1.5. If the rice is old, maintain this ratio. If it is new, reduce even further the water. Salt it. Add a tsp of oil to the rice so that it will come out fine and non-sticky. Cook the rice and keep it in warm mode once done.

2. Slice the onion, tomato, split the green chilis and grate finest the ginger-garlic.  Grate the capsicum into 1 inch thin piece.

3. Keep the spice mix ready.

4. Now is the preparation of the capsicum gravy. In the same kadai/wok/shallow pan, add 1 tbsp of oil. When it is hot, add the bay leaf, cinnamon stick, saunf (fennel) seeds, clove. Add the broken cashew nuts and wait for it to turn golden brown. Add the onion and ginger-garlic and green chili next. Stirfry to crisp golden brown. Add the tomatoes last.  When everything simmers smooth add the capsicum finally. Add the spice mix and salt cautiously keeping in mind the salt already added to the plain rice. Add more oil if necessary.

5. Do not over cook the capsicum. It needs NOT to get soggy and remain slightly crisp. Mix well everything and close the lid and let it cool for a few min.

6. Transfer contents finally to the top of the rice.

7. Mix the capsicum gravy with the rice carefully and evenly, taking care not to break the cooked basmati rice.

8. Let it stay in the rice pot for sometime so that the gravy juice with capsicum flavour is absorbed by the rice.

9. This is Capsicum bath or Spicy Capsicum rice or Bell Pepper rice or Kuda Milagai Saadham in Tamil.

10 Serve hot with onion raitha, papads and aloo curry.

11 Serves about 4-5 people.

I routinely include Capsicum in my kitchen menu. This is one thing that goes well with the family. Easiest and simplest to make at home, especially if you have the spice mix ready,



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  1. I am not really fond of capsicum but you do make it seem appealing in this form. 🙂

    • Wow that was quick Aruna! Try this one, it is very yummy. I think the spice mix makes the difference. Make it more hot if you want.

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