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The Hindu Holocaust The World Would Rather Not Talk About. Part III: The CHRISITAN Conversion Dogma

November 19, 2014


What even the barbaric islamic invaders could not achieve in over 800 years of terrorizing India, the christian conversion missionaries operating in our soil are managing to pull in matter of decades. And for this, the best weapon they use is: our own converts, the brown ba*****ds.

I am writing this blog with such a pain in my heart. What is happening to this nation tears me up into 1000 pieces every single day.

If muslims engage in violent terrorism, chrisitians are indulging in cultural terrorism in India which is equally sinister, dangerous.


Very recently was this news of a christian couple lynched alive in Pakistan – for alleged blasmphemy of desecrating the holy book of the muslims, the ‘Quran.’

Whereas what is the situation in India.

This is my personal experience in my street where I have lived for last 21 years since my marriage.

We have a Shiva temple in our street, not a grand one but modest, about 200 years old. Every 14 days we have ‘Pradosham’ in our temple as in any Shiva temple throughout India around 4.30-600 in the evening. The fortnightly pradosha pooja always attracts a sizable crowd -like 40-60 people which is impressive given how ‘poor’ and ‘cash-strapped’ is our mandir.

I shall relate here an incidence:

Some years back exactly when the Prodasha pooja was in full swing with the ‘abhishegam’ going on, we heard some disturbance at the temple gate. Then a loudspeaker came alive submerging the vedic chants of the priest and also the bhajans of the devotees at one go.  To our horror we found that it was some christian missionary strategically planted right at the gates of the temple holding the speakers to the insides and abusing our gods and our faith to our own ears.

A christian missionary man was screeching at the top of his voice: ‘stop this ridiculous pooja. stop this stone worship. you idolators are worshiping demons. you are pagans. convert to christianity which is the true faith of Christ, son of god. otherwise you will all rot in hell.’

The man would not relent and was joined by a team who kept repeating after him in chorus. The temple crowd looked stunned, incapable of any reaction.

Normally young people who are at school/college/work do  not find time to attend the Pradosham but that day, there were a couple of lads in the age group 20-25. I think it was ‘sani prodosham’ (a pradosham on saturday which attracts maximum crowds) which is why the boys were there.

The boys rose, went to the christian preachers screaming into the temple from outside, explained to them how rude it was to do this to us and sent them away amicably. They were gesturing and reasoning – and it took more than a good half an hour for the missionaries to depart from our footsteps. The temple became tense and even the priest stopped the ‘abhishegam’ at the commotion. Lord Shiva had to take a break Himself!

This is India for you. The young men came back having handled the situation with such a maturity and asked the priest to continue with the pooja. No questions were asked, no explanation was given by the youth either. But no one’s mind was anymore in the Pooja. I have never seen my local people so angry. Usually, even if we have religious/ideological differences, we handle it well in my city. We tolerate mostly and go about our lives. But the christian preachers’ code of conduct violated serious ethics that day.

So this was Chennai, Tamil Nadu so the the chrisitan preachers could make it without any abuse or threat after committing such a moral crime, hurting needlessly the sentiments of the majority natives. If it would be north India, there would have been a riot. Ofcourse if it could be Pakistan, the preachers would not have been alive to shut their mouth. Would have been done away with even before they started their lectures.

So this is the nonsense we are tolerating here in India. And why should we. Why should not India be declared a Hindu Rashtra.

Coming to think of the temple incident, I am struck by this realization: how the missionaries had planned for the Pradosham day which shows how much research they are doing about our Hindu religious customs and worshiping traditions. How much they are studying us unaware, and how much time and efforts and manpower and funding they can afford for such a scrutiny and operation.  How they selected their safe target completely stuns me. This is not possible without a good back-up – someone sponsoring them either locally or from abroad. Which goes on to prove, India is under multi-pronged attack: militarily, culturally, biologically, economically everyway.


Check this out:


Many times christian preachers knock at our doors and say they want to have a word with us on conversion. I am in my 40s and until the recent ‘Anti-conversion laws’ came into force, I have been bombarded with Bibles mailed to my address unasked for. Numerous times on my way to school, college, work, market anywhere – I have been accosted by christian preachers who would abuse my faith to my own ears and force me to convert. Every single time I have been polite to them, turning them down strongly at the same time. But how long can this patience last. One day is it not possible that I shout back at them or abuse them? It did happen that way sometime.

Once I got into a verbal spat with a couple of preachers who came home and requested 30 minutes of my time to convince me about conversion. At the gate I questioned them, ‘How dare you call us pagans and idolaters. Who impregnated your Mother Mary. Your entire Christian faith is based on a grand bogus lie called Immaculate Conception. And how can Jesus come alive 3 days after his death? Did Jesus really marry a prostitute and have children through her. Even your Bible is stolen from the Jews. Come and listen to me, let me reconvert you into Hindus.’

With that the preachers banged the gate in my face and left. Ofcourse my MIL was not kind to me. She said, I still should have behaved. She said, I should have sent them out politely – or I could have even invited them in, heard them out and sent them saying ‘sorry I can’t convert!’ ‘They did not succeed in all these years, do you think they would succeed if you invite them into your den, argue with them and reason with them giving them tea and send them away as friends?!’

How is this. This is gentlemanly India for you. This is how my parents’ generation was/is. You expect this kind of nonsense from me – sorry I cannot oblige.

I have no remorse for Gujarat – no sympathy for christian missionaries operating in India. My mother worked for a catholic institution. We were raised to love all and respect all. But self-preservation comes first. You cannot damage my self-respect, self-esteem, inflict wounds on my basic faith and hope to get away with it expecting I would be as docile as my mother. In that case you will have to QUIT INDIA. As simple as that. I neither want your school nor your church nonsense, take it with you and drown in the Bay of Bengal!


JUST WATCH THIS SHOCKING VIDEO: This is the conversion taking place at Tirumala-Tirupathi, the seat of Lord Balaji/Venkateshwara, a very holy pilgrimage spot for Hindus.

A shiver runs down your spine as the scene unfolds. So who is this evangelist reporting to? Foreign agents/missionaries. Why should not this man be held under POTA, denied bail and be awarded rigorous punishment of 14 years minimum. This is a serious security threat to Indian unity. Communal hatred propagated in the open. This christian missionary must be tried for waging war against Indian state, conspiring against Indian state and given capital punishment like Kasab.



High time Narendra Modi passes a legislation to cancel the chrisitian missionary licences in India. 

High time every FOREIGN church funding is probed in India. 

High time every church in India is made accountable, audited with every single paise in its funding explained.

High time every church submits to the government number of baptism per month, number of converts and details as such with exact contact details of members, especially the converted. In fact central/state governments should make this mandatory. A conversion roster must be maintained in every panchayat/local administrative body.

High time churches report to the government on foreign missionaries visiting India. How many per month. How many public meetings. How many conversions during the meetings. How many places visited. How many time visited India. 

High time christian and muslim preachers who spread hatred and demean and hurt the sentiments of the majority natives are tried under POTA for waging war against India, for engaging in sabotage and hanged to death. They are a threat to the unity security and very existence of this Indian nation. Who are they if not paid spies/agents working for foreign governments.


Remember the Graham Staines, the australian missionary lynching case in Odisha (formally Orissa) in 1999. The Staines family was involved in conversion of lakhs of tribals in Orissa to christianity bribing them.

But that is not how Wiki will see it i know:

Further reads on Graham Staines:


To me first and foremost, even Mother Theresa was a conversion machine.


How Tsunami was exploited by christian missionaries in Tamil Nadu for illegal conversion purposes:


Situation in Kerala worsening by the day:

How Hindu temples are targeted in Kerala: Modern day- daylight robbery:

I have friends in Thrishur whose families have lived for generations there, native Hindus of Kerala. They claim how the lands belonging to the 1,000 year old Shri Vadakkunatha Temple and adjoining areas are now under christian control. I can understand, because this is how Hindu temples are usually funded. Even today if you take Kapali temple or any other temple in Mylapore/Chennai, or even Kanchipuram temples, or any temple in any part of India, they have been usually left with enough landed property/tracts of land for their upkeep by faithful devotees – for centuries. But the landed estates of Kerala temples is a big question mark. The same with Sabarimala temple. What is the mystery behind these falling into christian hands. A thorough probing into temple land records has to be carried out through out India.

My friend says ever since V R Krishna Iyer the retired judge of SC told Kerala Hindus to have more children, the Kerala christians and Kerala muslims are with vengeance populating the state with minimum 4 kids in each family. At this rate says my friend, she already feels like a minority in her birth place.


Whose country is it anyway. Christians? Muslims? Or poor NATIVE ORIGINAL PEDIGREE Hindus?

Why should not we want a Hindu Rashtra.

When a muslim nation was carved out of India, what is the justification for India to continue as a secular nation on paper. What is my future as a Hindu in India. The logic is, what is left after the muslims going separate has to remain a Hindu nation only.  Why secularism for us. What for?

Let chrisitians and muslims continue to live in India – but knowing the limits they should not exceed. ZERO tolerance for chrisitan missionaries or for the ilk of Zakir Naik or Owaissi Brothers who can think of migrating to Paksitan or Saudi. Would still like them to be held under POTA for disturbing the communal unity of India and spreading hatred, for waging for against Indian state, with bail denied. THESE THREE ARE ISLAMIC TERRORISTS OF FIRST ORDER. 


Check this out:


Eating our food, breathing our air, sleeping on our earth – do these Indian christians and muslims have basic loyalty first. India is mine – India is Hindu, quit if you cannot come to terms with that.

Tamil Nadu has since passed Anti-Conversion Laws and who else other than Jayalalitha Jayaram would do it for us. Thank you Ma’m!

Anti-conversion bill in Gujarat:


Seerani Arangam’ – this was the open air stage in Marina in Chennai. JJ’s government demolished it overnight, why? 

The Seerani Arangam had long since become a free speaking and preaching ground in the beach for the christian missionaries. For almost a decade the city dwellers were suddenly denied the pleasure of visiting the beach on sultry afternoons. The entire beach road became a conversion trap filled with garbage christian preaching noises that would be an assault on your senses. The area would be unapproachable from all directions – by some 2 km.  The beach was becoming the private property of the chrisitans. Weekends – forget the beach, this s**t was what we were deeply in in the 1990s unless otherwise you wanted to sing along ‘Hallehlujah!’ Height of christian atrocities in Chennai.

The only (perhaps coward) way the govt could deal with it without creating a scene was, to tear down the stage in the middle of the night and thus deprive the evangelists the chance to hold entire beach crowds of Chennai to ransom.

Earlier the stage used to be rotated between the dravidian parties during election times, to address crowds. Soon the missionaries took over the stage in the 1990s and created a nightmare that finally came to an end with the stage bulldozed by the PWD officials. Kudos to Amma!

I would still have liked a stern warning given to the conversion missionaries. Slapping them with legal notice, booking them under law for disturbing the peace of the general public.




The number of foreign Christian Missionaries indulging in Child pornography and Child sexual abuse/Paedophilia in India:

This is like opening the Pandora’s box: there are scores and scores of children regularly used in christian missionary orphanages throughout India, including in Chennai. Here is a sample:

But child sex abuse is as popular even in Vatican. Will get to this later.





You only have to google to know what is going on in this front. Re-conversion to Hinduism by converted muslims and christians is by a very slender margin. Main reason is, they may find unacceptability in the fold on reconversion. The rigidity of Hinduism has to be mentioned here. It could be happening but very negligible.

If India has any future, it lies with Hindus, none other. If India has to die, it will die Muslim/Chrisitian. Never a Hindu.


Finally define Secularism and Democracy to me. Is it what we have in India here.


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