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Junior Reads

December 4, 2014

Son is reading this right now:

(And already he’s moved on to ‘Prince of Ayodhya’ (e-book – free download) that he says is better than Shiva by Amish Tripathi.  What a way to learn of your culture and heritage!) (And asked him to read George Orwell and he says, ‘how do you know? have you read his 1984? I have, long back’)


The genre of books my son favours never ceases to amaze me. From ‘Game of Thrones series’ to comic books on Palestine to this current one, its an eclectic mix. The other day his friend Aravind was home. I asked the boys to step into the Shiva Temple in my street for a minute as it was ‘Annabishegam’ day. Arvi said, Áunty, chrisitians and muslims go to church and mosque because they don’t have altar the way we do at home! just look at your Pooja! why should anyone want to go to temple now! your home is a temple!”

Son chuckled 🙂 For a fact, he learned to revere Shiva after reading the Shiv trilogy by Amish. Goes on to show why Indian writing is important these days. Someone like my son reading ”Krishna Key’ with the same interest he read ‘the Lord of Rings’ is impressive. The boys and girls are into Indian authors even with western authors. Although I disapprove strongly of the way my son has come to adore this rascal Chetan Bhagat!


One of these days my boy drove me out somewhere. Enroute he was playing music i had never heard before: I asked him what it was and he said it was ‘Sleeping Karma.”

‘This is rock Ma, and here is hip-hop for you’ he played next this one:

So people. now you know what young India is like and what young India is into. If you have to reach out to them this is what you have to cater to. And they will find you.


There is a Book Fair in Doha for sometime now which is thrown open to public where we can have our pick for free. Sadly not many takers (and very few Arabs). (Next to women/men from the west. only Indians seem to like books especially technical references). Sigh, if only this is India! Father however has been frequenting the gallery and already has selected these books for son:

Son is delighted and says if he had had these books in India, he could have benefited a lot earlier and would have done his exams fine (which i sincerely doubt!!!) (studies is besides friends, music, games, freaking out etc for my boy). But what is our problem? Why can’t we allow import of these technical stuff over having first editions of those like Ádultery’ on worldwide release day in our book shops? Our syllabus is outdated in our professional colleges that needs a serious stock-taking.

Son says the books are a life collection, they will now go with him wherever. Very generous of Qataris. The books will cost a fortune if we have to buy them out.

Í read the books until 2 am, Ma, i did not play PS like you think or download and watch any movie!’ said he. ‘Why?!’I ask and he says, the reference books are very illustrative, educative and something that every engineering student must have access to right from his/her first year at college. Ï have missed a lot’ rues he, and I am kind of taken by surprise because this is supposedly vacation time for him as he has just given his 7th semester exams. Books and my boy during hols?! Who are you kidding lolz.

But realization dawned on me that my boy is trying to equip himself as much as possible, trying to glean as much knowledge in the area so he is best prepared when it comes to taking on masters next year.

‘Teach me how to make omelette, bread toast, Maggi noodles’ said he and that got a tear drop to my eyes. Still showed him yesterday how to operate the stove burner, and make the omelette. He made one for himself today.

Last 2 nights, he is watching Éxtreme Engineering’ videos in You Tube with his dad. The fun times are over? How fast our children grow up. Last summer my boy completed internship in a design company here in Qatar. This time, I don’t want to send him anywhere but keep him at home. WITH ME. He will still do some site visits. He holds a good record of industrial training/visits.

May month he will have to give his final semester exams. Results expected in June. If all goes well, he might not return to Doha for a while in case he joins MS somewhere. Emotional moments for me. I have never seen my husband expressing feelings the way I do. But this year, he is treating his son as if he is a KG baby. But we have to give our children their freedom, not clip their wings.

We parents hold diamonds in our hands. Knowledge and experience must sculpt the finer edges in our children and bring out the sheen.

I have never seen my son being responsible or show interest in anything domestic until now. He next wants to learn to press clothes, do the dishes – all of which chores i have spared him from to this day.

A fourth dad of a friend of his passed away the day we landed, not even 60; the boy had been in the gang of friends who came home on Dec 1st night to bid my boy goodbye. Our flight was for 4 am. Its difficult to believe, the very next morning when we had not even touched down in Doha, the friend’s father had passed away due to a massive stroke.

4th father of a friend – every 9 months now a friend of my son is losing his father. First it was Nithin, then Akaash, then Hari and now JP. I attended Hari’s father’s. For this one we were in Chennai and my son went to the cremation ground for the first time. However he and his other friends who were eldest sons were asked to stay out at the gates by some wise elders.

The incident and the forthcoming higher studies plans – all this is having an effect on my baby.  He looks very sombre.  Its a shocking news for us parents as well. I  know all the boys and girls and most of the parents, atleast the mothers.The mood in the friends gang is down. Normally my boy is shy of showing off affections. My hubby showed me a ‘whatsapp’ message in his phone from son: it simply read, Í love you daddy. It speaks volume of how much our children love us and respect us – we take them for granted, want demonstration of this affection now and then. Even at 20, our children could feel insecure, even if they try to appear so-called çool to the world.

Áfter i leave for somewhere for masters, you take the next flight and come here and be with daddy’ said my son to me, ”never leave him alone.’ Joked my husband ‘I am staying away from my wife for your sake. will you sacrifice like this even for a single day?!’

Most times we underestimate our children. I am very poor when it comes to gadgets, i can’t even lift my luggages – the heavy suitcases when I travel alone. I need help to handle my cabin baggage. I can’t figure out anything in my phone. I keep bugging my son for everything. ‘Sometimes I become the parent and you my ward’ says my son. ‘Take good care of her, she is clumsy’ he tells my husband.

Wishing my baby the brightest future. Whichever princess is lucky to get him I don’t know. He is such a sweet, intelligent, smart child. Smart because I know the way he handles both me and my MIL at the same time! To his dad he says, Í won’t work so hard like you daddy, but I will work smart!’ As such he does not have a girl friend. Óver anything kanna, I want health and happiness for you, good wife, good children, happy life. remember that’ I said, ‘that is all a mother always wants for her child. Not flashy cars, big bungalows, but a real happy life. My heart is with you, and only with you.’ I tell him. He smiles that rarest smile – and in his left cheek there appears this once-in-a-blue-moon precious dimple, characteristic of my mother. It catches me unaware, takes my breath away… and then in a flash it is gone and it will be months before I spot it again I know….





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