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Remembering Karambir Kang the Peshawar Day…

December 17, 2014

Updated: 20th dec, 2014:

Sympathy evaporates for Pakistan with Lakhvi bail. Been talking to lots of expats in Qatar. Whatever pity Pak managed to garner with the massacre of children vanished in a moment when it was reported in the Indian media that one of the masterminds & prime-accused in Mumbai 26/11 was ordered out on bail by a Pak court.

In fact atleast 2-3 men/women said, perhaps 50% of would-be terrorists among the slain children were eliminated by Taliban themselves? How worse the world thinks of Pakistan, comes across with this kind of thinking. After all, they argue the children were attending army school. Which means right from day 1 they would be brainwashed against India and the world. I find no sympathy for Pakistan children or nation from anyone other than Indians. We Indians still harbour some element of sentimental attachment with Pak, but why should others bother. World is feeling better with the massacre. Time for Pakistan to rethink why the world (not just India)  must despise them so much and would not care.

If you think Peshawar is going to change Pakistan or Pakistani citizens or Pakistani establishment like the military or the government and Pakistani intelligentsia, you cannot be a bigger fool.

Truth is a bitter pill to swallow. Always. And I have NO knack when it comes to sugar-coating my words. Blunt to the point.


Original Post:

No redemption without remorse, Pakistan.

Remember Karambir Kang, the manager of Taj Palace Hotel from Mumbai 26/11? He lost his entire family – wife and kids to the daring terror attack carried out in the name of God – ‘jehad’ on sovereign Indian soil perpetrated by Pakistan’s LeT-JUD and ISI with the auspices of Pakistan govt … and Kang’s wife knowing she and the kids were dying was on phone asking the family to be brave, until the batteries ran out…

Kang continues to serve the hotel. I would have committed suicide in his place…–5-star-hotel-THE-SIEGE-THREE-DAYS-OF-TERROR-INSIDE-THE-TAJ-BY-ADRIAN-LEVY-AND-CATHY-SCOTT-CLARK.html

How many Pakistanis have come forward ever since to feel shame and remorse and apologize to India for the mindless terror their citizens unleashed in Mumbai? The hideous plot had been blueprinted and planned for months, years in Pakistan with such a precision. Think of the time, energy, funding and evil mind that must have gone on into such a vicious operation. Trial runs were done, with no dearth of young energetic USELESS AND JOBLESS PAKISTANI YOUTH to volunteer for a hefty sum and honour of martyrdom – bill for which was footed by whom. Its the strategy and execution of the terror attacks that shook us Indians the most – to think someone NOT THE ARMY BUT TERRORISTS WITH ARMY AND GOVERNMENT BACKING in your neighbourhood should expend so much resources for sabotaging you all the time is a bothersome horror to live with bugging you at the back of your mind forever.

Even today terror maps could be drawn up in Pakistan to bleed India – even yesterday as over 130 children got massacred in cold blood in Peshawar… You think that would stop Pakistanis from spreading terror around the world and perpetrating violence especially in India?

The mastermind of Mumbai terror attacks Hafez Saeed continues to be their celebrated hero and very recently Pakistan government ran special trains to enable everyone to attend his hate rally in Lahore which was well attended by educated, elite Pakistanis including professionals like doctors and engineers. Never mind Saeed is an internationally wanted terrorist with a $10 million bounty on his head. Pakistan national budget systematically allocates funds for terror outfits like JUD for instance so terrorism is essentially the first and foremost official agenda of any Pakistan government be it military or elected parliament. Which is a clear proof how Pakistan govt is hands-in-glove with islamic terrorists.

Very recently we have been seeing how Pakistan army is engaged in cross-border terrorism in India as the Kashmiri elections have not gone down well with them. How many many brave Indian soldiers have been martyred, their families orphaned?

8 year old daughter of martyred Indian Lt. col. Sankalp Shukla performs the last rites for her father:

Dawood Ibrahim is good for Karachi. Hafez Saeed is trump card against India. So Pakistan, was not Peshawar waiting to happen.

There is no Paksitani today who is NOT a terrorist to a certain degree, benign or brash – some are in the mind, some are in the ideology, some are financiers and some are the executioners. 

Even their intelligentsia cannot rise above singing the praises of Pakistan army/ISI, a suave terrorist outfit whose principal motto is ‘SABOTAGE’ over national interests.

Now General Raheel will kneel down and submit before USA for as many more million dollars so he can terrorize India better in coming years diverting funds and arms. Kudos, way to go general! You will be seeing their PM Nawaz Sharif taking next flight out of Pakistan with the begging bowl. Gullible world will be once more taken for ride.


Apprehension of IS Tweeter Mehdi from Bangalore poses serious security questions for India.

Where shall we be down the road in another 50 years? Minority Hindu nation? CRACKDOWN on terror sympathizers, madarasas and churches spreading hatred and terror – bloody violent or cultural, the direst need of the hour.


Reading Kang story after all these years yet again, I am still moved to tears as an involuntary drop rolls down my eyes…

My heart goes out to bereaved parents of Peshawar – there is no worse cruelty than ‘puthra sogam.’ Not even our worst adversaries should suffer it. My deepest condolences for the teachers who were martyred. One had reportedly delivered a child only months back. A female teacher was burned to death. Teachers’ lives are no less important – their families will never be the same again.

About the children – I have never seen such an outrage among my fellow citizens. They all want PAKISTAN BOMBED OUT for the sake of humanity.

Cannot take it, I have never cried for Pakistan so much.


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