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Excuse me, we are Indians!

December 20, 2014

Excuse me, we are Indians, NOT SOUTH ASIANS, NOT BROWNS OKAY?!

Robin Raphael was very much in news recently. Under investigation by FBI for her alleged spy links during her stint as diplomat in Pakistan, known for her staunch anti-India stance, she is credited with the introduction of the term ‘South Asia’ which region was until then referred to as the Indian Subcontinent. It was supposedly to end the ‘psychological’ superiority of Indians. But what beats me is, why do we Indians have to toe the line. We can continue to pride and call ourselves as the original inhabitants, natives of the Indian subcontinent. The new word çoinage of ‘South Asia’ was meant to appease Pakistan that hated being called a part of the great Indian subcontinent, that wanted no part of India whatsoever and no reference in any manner to India.

Well how about the Indian Ocean! So how many nations on earth got an ocean named after them? Live with it guys, okay?!

But the west had other ideas. By ‘south Asia’ they have always wanted to refer to India and Pakistan at one breath. Whereas the fact is INDIA IS NOT PAKISTAN AND INDIA DOES NOT BELONG ANYWHERE WITH PAKISTAN. The repeated attempts of the west to tie India with Pakistan is showcased best with the successive presidents of US (and China) for instance visiting India and Pakistan always in one single leg of their journey much to New Delhi’s embarrassment. Hopefully this Republic Day President Obama will be visiting India as chief guest at our parade and skip Pakistan – which is big relief to us Indians. No America, we are not on same footing: India and Pakistan. And do not hop into your Airforce 1 dear American presidents and put your one foot here in India, with the other in Pakistan….

One more reason we Indians do not like the tour itinerary of visiting heads of the state from the west is, when you try to measure us India and Pakistan in the same wavelength at the same instance, you may lose your objectivity. You will never get the Indian perspective.

I would have wanted to congratulate Satyarthi for winning the Nobel Peace Prize had he not shared it with Malala. I mean no disrespect to Malala – I admire her courage. But once again the west has tied India with Pakistan as if to announce and reaffirm to the world we are one and the same. Its an insult to be linked with Pakistan in any manner. I mean well for Pakistan and have utmost respect for their intellectuals but would n’t want India to share the same stage ever with Pakistan. The west however tries to paint us both with the same brush which makes us Indians livid. In future lets club Brits to the French and the French to the German and label them all one and the same. I play online Chess and Scrabbles with many foreigners. Those from UK specifically and categorically tell me if they are Irish or Jew or Scottish or whatever. They don’t like mix-ups.

I have myself referred to ourselves as ‘South Asians’ sometimes but as much as possible I am trying not to do that. Neither are we Indians ‘brown people.’ I mean we are brown, but not when you try to bring us all together under the same umbrella with Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans sorry. We are Indians, and Indians only.

The reason some in UK/US refer to themselves generally as ‘brown’ or ‘south asian’ is, they would rather like to pass off for Indian than Pakistani. Which is not fair to Indians. I am seeing this psychology even in middle-east. Whereas NO INDIAN would refer to himself/herself as brown or south asian.

How would Americans of USA like to be linked with Latin Americans for instance. So shall we refer to them all as ‘americans’ at one go. APOLOGIES TO MY LOVABLE AUTHOR PAUL COELHO. YOU ARE EXCEPTIONAL, MAN! HUGS!!! (reading your book ‘Aleph’ right now – not pirated, paid with hard-earned dough of my hubby 🙂 )

The same way, India parted ways with Pakistan long back. Our children do not like to be referred to in the same context as Pakistan. We are different breed today, different culture, different society. And this is NOT ‘holier than thou’ attitude if that’s what you think!

Don’t the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans merit their own specific identity. Similarly INDIAN IDENTITY IS UNIQUE. 

My appeal to the BJP government would be to initiate and promote usage of the term ‘Indian subcontinent’ once again in our midst, in our media, in our mindset and get rid of the ‘South Asian’ term.

Call me a racist, I don’t care. I reiterate my respects for everyone but I want individuality. India has her own currency notation. How many nations on earth have that – hardly a handful.


Proudly Indian. Don’t want to be called by any other name. Proudly Hindustani, Proudly Bharatwasi. I AM NOT SOUTH ASIAN, I AM NOT BROWN, I AM INDIAN AND INDIAN ONLY!


I take this opportunity to clarify one more fact: been mentioning this in many of my posts:

MOGHULS ARE NOT INDIAN, NEVER COULD BE. WERE THE BRITISH OCCUPIERS INDIAN? Moghuls were barbaric Afghan tyrants and marauders who ravaged, looted India and that’s what they will remain to the majority of this nation ever. Even the Brits left behind an Anglo-Indian community (no disrespects) – who are Indian ofcourse.



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